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[COMING] euro friendly MFOS Ultimate
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Author [COMING] euro friendly MFOS Ultimate
Designed to be a 60hp standalone box or integrated in a rack, this adaptation of the MFOS Ultimate makes it more euro-friendly. It will be offered as a pcb (roll your own panel graphics), pcb+panel, full
kit,assembled module, and assembled box. PCB is planned to be DIY-friendly SMT, pcb-mounted jacks, pots, switches and LED

Beautiful panel mockup by Grayscale (as ususal) and of course feedback is welcome.

Those who commented on FB will recognize this as a V2 which is based on some of the feedback there and is more true to the original Ultimate flow...
The main difference here is that the final output is the VCA out, not the Mix out as before (which would have been post-VCA on the earlier mockup). Also removed the EXT OUT from the mixer section, replacing it with Noise (now you have an attenuated noise output). That led to some improvements in the S&H section, such as adding an external trigger input so you can override the internal LFO that drives the S&H.

We have traded some CV control and I/O on this panel in order to stay true(er) to the original design, but in combination with the eurorack MFOS modular projects and of course any other eurorack modules, we hope it will find a place!

Any news on this?
southphillysynths wrote:
Any news on this?

Seconded. I have a full size kit I’ve been holding off on building in hopes of doing this version instead.
I would love to see this happen, any update?
Yes, i would love to see it too, but it looks like it's a dead project..
There is a BOM online if you google it. I guess if somehow wants to take back the project to make it happen, it's possible to work it out from there and the original schematics?
I'm not sure it's a dead project... It really takes a lot of time if you want a finished product.
My Euro/SMT SLMS conversion, for instance, is still in development, started couple years ago.

Now, if it's indeed stoped, I would be pleased to continue it.
its coming its coming!!! we promise!

and more after that too!
Ditto on the wants to know more!
Looking forward to this one, very much.
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