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4 Track Live Buchla Drone EP!
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Author 4 Track Live Buchla Drone EP!
I made this with my Music Easel and some guitar pedals (count to five, Outward, Echo Degrader, Rat, Echolution 2 Ultra Pro, Afterneath). All recorded in single takes, live. I've had the Easel for a few months and am most impressed with its ability to create these insane dronescapes.

Lemme know whatcha think?

Here it is! Dromecca!
I dig I dig I dig

I've been sending SUNN 0))) Easels for years.. one day they'll get it MY ASS IS BLEEDING
The EP is great!!! I really like your choice of effects (never heard of the Outward but it looks interesting) and you're getting some great textures out of them. III is my jam.
Thanks y'all! I'm working on another 4 track to follow this up with, a lot more melodic but still doomy and dark! The Easel kills it with pedals. It's wonderful on its own. Beautiful and intuitive to use. With added effects and processing it really comes alive.

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.
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