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Moog audio voltage (not CV)
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Author Moog audio voltage (not CV)
In the old Moogs, how much voltage was in the audio?

For example, what would an oscillator output?
And when would stuff start to clip?

Any guideline for a maximum/typical voltage audio fed into say an old Moog lowpass filter?

I mean peak to peak.

Sorry if it has been asked before, all I seemed to find in search was about CV.
1.8 V PP Asymmetric clipping at +12V and -6V.
burdij wrote:
1.8 V PP
Beat me to it! thumbs up But in this thread you said it was 1.3v pp? hmmm.....
The spec sheet values are based on a signal level of 0dB which is .7746 V RMS, 1.0 V Peak or 2.0 V PP. I might have copied the value wrong in the previous post. The spec sheet also says that the signal could go as high as +10dB or about 6V PP before clipping.
So if that was the old Moogs, did the audio voltage change in newer Moogs?

The reason I ask is that I have found a paper on how to mimic the ladder filter with equations. And +-0.9V input to that does not make sense as its passed through a tanh function after being divided by 0.052, which means +-0.9V is going to saturate completely and not give any useful audio.

See here for details if your curious: f6d8.pdf
You might take a look at section 5 of the article. The author says that for lower signal levels the tanh function exists in a linear region and the reduction of the equation approximates a normal(? - possibly a normally scaled impulse invariant transform one-pole filter) digital low pass filter.

As far as I know, the current Moog reissues are based on the original circuits and so would have the same output levels as the earlier units. Someone who owns a reissue might be able to confirm that.
Great topic. If you want to limit the PP on something, will a conventional limiter do so?

My Mackie board can sometimes overload PP voltage output through combined channels into an aux send. With gain and other board settings set into aux, I've found I can get around 12 PP output sometimes going into a moog filter.

Would some cheap limiter like this Behringer work to properly gate PP voltage? gain-mic100

We're meaning pp as in p-p, right?

(p.s. beavis and butthead chuckle at phrase "pp voltage")
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