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R*S - 2 strange behaviours
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Author R*S - 2 strange behaviours
I have my beloved system sitting 3000 km from me now but I'm always thinking about it and planning to pick it asap.
In the meantime, if you own the Smooth/Stepped/Slope + Vari Q VCF/Stereo Mixer, are you able to replicete this 2 behaviors?

1. Right side of the Slope Generator stuck when plugged like this:

- plug a patch cable from the most right slope generator to anything eats CV from the white out banana
- mult that very same out with a patch cable to the PAN CV control of the STEREO MIXER
- set both fall and rise to 10/11 o'clock: it (sometimes) get stuck when you set rise slower than fall
To clarify I mean LONGER/SLOWER, say RISE at 10 o'clock and FALL at 11

2. Sample and hold do not sample:

when I use the left slope generator (CARNIVORE MODULE) with the STEPPED of the SSG in a sample and hold style patch, the red gate out from the slope do not "sample"

Thanks in advance for your time
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