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The Power of 2U of Buchla - Experiments
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Author The Power of 2U of Buchla - Experiments
Bought my first Buchla less than a month ago. Been blown away by how much I can do with only 2U of modules; 261e, 281h, 292h.

Having fun seeing how complex things can get using only these modules without outside control.

Here are a few experiments I recorded. All recorded into Ableton as two tracks. Compression, pan and reverb added in Ableton.


Love the organic quality obtained by cross modulating elements.

Two voices from the same oscillator, one sine wave, the other shaped. Each of the two function generators controls the dynamics of each voice, with cross modulation between them and another oscillator in LFO mode used to create the odd syncopations. Master clock is function A in cycle mode with function B modulating attack time of A, and vice versa. Function B is also effecting the pitch of both oscillators. Crazy how it all kind of works out.

Sloppy 4/4 Swing
The combination of oscillators in 261e is so smartly designed. Love using the pure sine and shaped wave as separate elements.

Razz Beat
Needless to say, amazing textures from so few elements...

In this one I use Zetaohm FLXS1 eurorack sequencer for pitch and gate using 225h for conversion. Wanted to try out using both function generators for dynamics without also depending on them for rhythm/clock. The conversion works surprisingly well.

Lovely, crunchy sounds, especially enjoyed Drone and Dynamics.
It's peanut butter jelly time!

Did you get those tini-jax cables with the system from BEMI?
Robert McLeod
You have sure been busy! Lovely work, thank you thumbs up
Knarzwaltz wrote:

Did you get those tini-jax cables with the system from BEMI?

I bought the system used on ebay and it came with 4 tini-jax cables. Don't know where they came from originally. Wish I did. They're nice.
Been sick all week. Something happened to really piss me off today.
Transmuting disappointment into music.

This may be the most musical experiment so far.


This patch takes advantage of the fact that modulation of a hard synced
Buchla oscillator will cause it to shift pitch in steps equivalent to the
pentatonic scale. Instead of smooth changes in pitch it quantizes to a
usable musical scale.

More on that here:

So I simply used one of the function generators (as LFO) to modulate the
pitch of 261e Mod OSC while hard synced to the Principal OSC, which I
tuned to interact melodically. Also added frequency modulation from Mod
OSC into Principal OSC, Principal OSC back into Mod OSC, and Mod OSC
modulating amplitude of Principal OSC to cause additional pitch changes.

The odd timing is the result of both function generators free running as
independent LFOs. The slower of the two is dictating the pitch as well as
changing the wave shape of the Mod OSC which is producing the bass
sound. This and attack of the slow one modulated by the output of the
other serves to trick the ear into tying the two together.
we're not worthy just played brilliant, make my day!
thanks for sharing. thumbs up
island wrote:
we're not worthy just played brilliant, make my day!
thanks for sharing. thumbs up

Thank you! So much fun to be had.

Great stuff. BTW, in my experience, from what I've seen, Oxix52 remains the master and getting an absolute shitload out of a 261e all at once. You might want to check out some of his early videos for additional ideas.

Happy wiggling!

mirf59 wrote:

Great stuff. BTW, in my experience, from what I've seen, Oxix52 remains the master and getting an absolute shitload out of a 261e all at once. You might want to check out some of his early videos for additional ideas.

Happy wiggling!


Awesome! Will definitely be looking into that. Thanks!
Another patch using the same hard sync technique.

Noisy Ditty
Lovely stuff! A plethora of creativity at play throughout. applause
Cool explorations! Less is certainly more in the Buchla paradigm! Guinness ftw!
This is all really great stuff! Thanks for sharing and introducing yourself on my YouTube channel!
These videos are great! Thanks for sharing.
ya i like this all very much, great for a smaller sizing and setting
This is an inspiring post. I love what can be produced when people are constrained. I look forward to further adventures.
Hey, thanks for all the positivity, everyone! I appreciate the encouragement.

A few more to add...

Up to 3U in this one. Moody and sparse. First using 259e Twisted Waveform Generator with 292h in the classic Buchla Bongo configuration. I love the sloppy sound of the free running LFOs effecting the sounds creating odd syncopations.

Buchla 08 Trouble Brewing
Ok, fellas. Up to 5U now but I think I'll continue to add to this thread.

Still dabbling in exploring modules without sequencers. Just using envelopes and their gates to drive everything. And, Yes, it really does make that little scream when unplugging modulation from 259e Mem Skew input.

Short little melodic part at 02:24 played by hand using course pitch knob. Haha! Using the hard sync trick for quantization but still shocked it worked as well as it did.

Buchla 09 Bigger/Badder

TIP: I've started using the twisted banks of 259e to create noisy little rhythms. Because there is silence between the glitchy material if you apply the right amount of modulation with the knob just right you can get everything from straight to sloppy swinging patterns.

I take the output of a cycling function generator, run it through an attenuator, convert banana to tinny, then into Meme Skew. Vedic Scapes Toolbox 007 handles attenuation and conversion. It also has a tinny mult if I want to run the same voltage to both wave banks like I did in this video. Very handy!

If you have no way to convert banana to tinny you can use the tinny out from a modulation OSC in LFO mode but it won't be in sync. Plus it really helps to attenuate so modulation is not going the full range of voltage. Gives much better control.
Similar configuration to the last video. Goofy little bass and melody with accompanying strained rhythm. My favorite part is the end when it just kind of drones on with lots of delay and reverb washing over it.

I should point out I'm recording as 4 tracks into Ableton. Compression, panning and FX added in post. This is my usual routine.

Buchla 10 Goofball

TIP: To get a repeating sequence with pretty standard divisions I used 281r A to dictate the overall length then manually set 281h A and B to repeat 4 and 8 times within a single cycle of 281r A. I use pulse out of 281r A to retrigger 281h A and B to make sure everything starts on the same beat. wink

It's not easy to get the timing perfect. 281h is digital so there is some incrementation precluding every possible setting, but using in combination with the smooth analog output of 281r allows me to use 281r for fine tuning. It's all kind of a pain in the butt, and everything can go off track if you sneeze, but it's a challenge I'll live with until I have another source for timing/triggering.

(Do want Northern Light 2TT. Drunken Homer Simpson)
Ok, this is my favorite so far. It's got some real tension and gets kinda jazzy once the glitchy ticks kick in.

281r A as master, setting length of phrase. 281h A & B set to 16 & 8 repetitions per 281r A cycle. (Just try it. I dare you! Haha!) Everything else is built off of that.

Bass is a mix of both 261e OSCs with modulation OSC hard synced to principal OSC for quantization. Combination of ENVs dictate pitch. Additional ENV modulating Timbre.

"Kick" is modulation OSC of 259e. HH/noise rhythms are both twisted wavetables of primary OSC with Mem Skew modulated by attenuated ENVs converted from banana to tinny. Each side is a different rhythm with Morph controlling the mix between them.

Buchla 11 Glitch Agent
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