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compact midi usb control surface with just faders?
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Author compact midi usb control surface with just faders?
dear all, I recently saw a very nice midi-usb control surface in a youtube-video. it just had (I think) 8 faders, was quite flat and compact, but I think had 60mm faders. it was some smallish manufacturer, but the device was not extremely expensive didn't save the link seriously, i just don't get it

I think it was interfaced to eurorack thru a monome ansible. might be wrong though.

I have been unable to locate it here, on google, youtube and on gs. any help much appreciated.

I can not bear the sight of the ubiquitous do-all midi control surfaces with n amount of buttons per channel, a fader, and 10-n amount of knobs per channel. been there. enough knobs and buttons and cluttered UI's in my studio already... Dead Banana
Something like this? This is a J.L. Cooper Fadermaster. You can still find these used in the market. I have one. They make a bunch of newer versions but they are not cheap. This is a pretty small unit.

If you have a DIY urge, you can make your own with 16 controllers of your choosing with the Doepfer Pocket Electronics

thanks man, no, that's not it. although the intended function is probably identical. it was quite the white, flat, clean design, the kinda thing that looks to fit in next to a monome grid, arc on an instagram vid shot with the backdrop of a central European city at dawn with an expensive dslr lens so the city skyline is appropriately blurred with bokeh. yeah, not gonna shoot those videos myself when I find the one hihi

the pocket electronics would be an option of course, if I had the time to research how exactly I'd go about that, and then the time to actually go about it. oh yeah, and if it had USB-midi Dead Banana
Search Faderbank on the monome forum.
loachhat wrote:
Search Faderbank on the monome forum.

thanks, I was becoming vaguely aware of that. not what I'm after either. gotta keep up my search. I'll discover the relevant video again eventually...
This is probably not what you saw(not small manufacturer,several buttons per channel, ubiquitous) but it is an inexpensive, white, flat, compact, 8 fader midi control surface.

Maybe this?
you might have seen this one.

you can configure it as you like... they are still in process but probably available soon.
they have one called the UC3... probably still available
compact and well made.

hope that helps.
Wow, googling these things, i never would have realized how deep the small run company compact 8 fader usb control surface game ran. There are TONS of these cool little thiings. I should have done some more research before getting my APC40 mk2
Frostwave Fat Controller looks like what you're talking about but CV, not USB, and not so cheap. You can get like 6 SQ-1s for the price of one. They are cool though.

gentle_attack wrote:
Frostwave Fat Controller looks like what you're talking about but CV, not USB, and not so cheap.

If CV was an option, I would suggest one or more Synthwerks SP-4DP

paired with a Doepfer A-192 voltage-to-midi interface (AH still has some), or an ADDAC221 CV to MIDI converter or similar. That way you get the fader action plus other CV controllers like Joysticks or FSR controllers for inputs and it is patchable for different configurations.
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