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Next step for Push 2 & Analog Rytm combo
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Author Next step for Push 2 & Analog Rytm combo
Greetings all and happy new year to all the wigglers out there.

I am currently at a loose end. I have been using the Analog Rytm for about a year and half. Its taken me a long time to understand the workflow behind it but I have to say, as an intuitive, fun drummachine it takes the cake to everything else I've played with so far.

After a very unexpected turn of events, I have ended up with a Push 2 controller. I'm keen to integrate it with the RYTM and use the controller to control external or internal synths and set up a workflow just as intuitive as the RYTMs.

Im turning to the forum today in search of synth recommendations. Ideas on either hardware or software that would compliment this combo well would be very much appreciated. I was looking at the Korg Gadget package that looks complete and wouldnt require any hardware or maybe a Trinity rack is I really like the sounds alot.

Thanks !
I'd dive deep into Ableton.
And if you like & understand the Rytm, you'll love the A4... which can very well act as a gateway drug into modular because of the CV outs.
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