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208p build thread (papz's PCBs)
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Author 208p build thread (papz's PCBs)

Several sets were delivered, so let's start a build thread.
The sets are available on

Although many informations shared in the 208r build threads are relevant,
it will be more comfortable to have a dedicated one to reply questions related to this specific build.

Before asking a question, please read the FAQ, maybe it was already replied

The build notes and BOM are on

The components layout and values are on

The schematics are on

Thank you and happy building nanners
the bad producer
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I updated the cards pics with components layout and values and the build notes.
The C5 47µF tantalum cap mentioned in the BOM works fine in the CO instead of the 56µF.
R45 100k instead of 20k eases tracking calibration.
this is gonna be good. hyper looking forward to a thread of well documented success stories.
Me too for sure ! lol
I started my build today and populated the motherboard.
I have to wait for the cards components before I can continue...

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Some extra infos added in the build notes.

It's better to match the vactrols on boards 10 and 11, or use dual VTL5C3/2.

Vactrols VT4 and VT2 on board 5 need to be selected on test for proper AM performance.

On board 7, R3 should be selected on test, a value between 3k8 and 12k, depending on the vactrol, to set the desired timbre amplitude. I find 4-5 folding is good, as shown on but others prefer more foldings. It's up to the builder to select what best suits his needs.

On board 8 the 2N4399 needs selection on test for proper sine waveshape.

I think this depends not only on the part itself but on the other parts in the circuit as well, therefore I use to select parts on test directly in each circuit.
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