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Not Tonight!
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Author Not Tonight!
Sounds From The Shed
This is a rework using artistic license of an old Dm Song.

There's a lot of creative patching with the Mother 32's to give some obscure background noise/effects. A little bit of Minimoog and percussion from Logic(Darcey!) I'm lazy with percussion but I think this time it works well with the song and what I wanted to achieve. s-non-dm-added

[s] cals-non-dm-added[/s]
Nice drum sounds and rhythm and rather cozy melodic work. I'm not a fan of the 8ths bass line (it's a bit dull) but apart from that I think this was well worth a listen. w00t
Sounds From The Shed
Thanks Lisa, agree the bass is a bit minimal but I was trying to keep a little of the original flavour of the song, hence the 8th's smile

I've changed it up a little and added vocals and removed one particular part I wasn't happy with:
[s] cals-non-dm-added[/s] s-non-dm-added
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