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Problem running sync through Maschine
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Author Problem running sync through Maschine
Hi I've been experimenting with driving my ES8 through maschine rather than logic and have hit a problem with sync.

I set up sync on a pad in Maschine then choose a PPQN value I want, say 16, and that works fine.

But if I stop maschine playing, then start it playing again, the clock output just plays a tone instead (i've monitored it - it's a pitch not all that high, but higher than you can get by the highest PPQN value on the dial in sync. the led on the output on the ES8 is mauve when this happens, not red)

As soon as I touch the PPQN knob whilst Maschine is playing, it outputs the clock correctly again...until I stop maschine and start it again:) This happens every time - it's not an intermittent problem. The 'run' output works fine though.

I'm working on Silent way 2.6 and Maschine 2.7.2.

Any advice much appreciated - apologies in advance if it's something obvious!

this happens the same when running maschine standalone or as a plug in logic
I can't repro that.

Are you using the AU or VST?
thanks for getting back os. i'll have a look this evening and report back
OK so I have been using the AU version. I installed the VSTs and in standalone, it now works perfectly. Many thanks, os.

In plugin mode within logic, though, things still aren’t working quite right, but the issue has changed. Now, sync always plays the correct PPQN but…

With cycle on in logic, sync will only play the clock for one duration of the cycle. When logic returns to the start of the cycle, the sync clock stops. If I move the PPQN knob whilst logic is playing but the sync clock has dropped out, it comes back in again. The run signal works fine all the time. I’ve tried with both VST and AU and its the same outcome.

I fear this will be something inherent in the way logic and maschine relate, but I hope I can get sync working on maschine within logic because it avoids the problem of logic not starting AUs right at the start of the bar, thus sync not outputting the clock and run signal for the first bar of any cycle, which is a right pain (unless theres some workaround for that i'm not aware of).

Cheers thumbs up
It's probably not relevant, but you get one beat of the clock after the cycle returns to the left marker, then it cuts out
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