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So what is the Fender Jazz du jour?
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Author So what is the Fender Jazz du jour?
So yeah, I'm actually a bassist, despite owning like 10 synths and 2 basses.
Decided it's time to cave in and finally get a Fender style bass after cursing them for the last several decades.
Been looking around and cannot find any of the cool Jazz style basses I was seeing a few years ago. Seems Fender Japan is no longer?

Curious what is the Fender heads consensus is on the current 'It bass'.

My wish list for a JB;
white, blue or clear.
matching headstock would be nice.
Like them bound and blocky necks.
Part of me wants the stamped metal covers, though I'd probably take them off eventually.

Don't care about 60's vs 70's pickup placement much.
Kinda leaning passive, but not with much conviction.
Not wedded to 'Fender' on the headstock.

Basically I'd be all over the Adam Clayton if it wasn't such lame colors, so expensive and a sig model for an unremarkable bassist.
The new Justin Meldal-Johnson bass appears to be might sweet.
I'm ideologically opposed to 'reliced' basses.
Strange that his sig model is a mustang. I've mostly seen him with Jazz and P basses.
Dunno how fancy or cheap you want to go, but honestly I've been thoroughly pleased with my SX Andromeda JB clone. One-piece ash body, one-piece maple neck, nice chunky bridge and good solid tuners. Threw on a pair of Seymour-Duncan Apollo pickups and a set of Rotosound monel flatwounds and it's pretty damn solid, for less than $600 all told.
After watching a bunch of reviews on Fenders I bought a Squire. Cheap, cheerful and a pretty nice Jazz in maple.

If you do get a Fender the Mexican ones seem to be more liked than the American ones.
I'm less concerned with cost than I am with tone. I also don't care if it's Fender Squire or some other brand. I will say the Squires I've auditioned in person were mostly pretty blah. With some exceptions. Right now I'm leaning to. Dan Lakin or Lakland. But I don't know a lot about what all the dig models do compared to stock. Kinda the same thing with Fender TBH.
I tried looking up done shit like this on the talk ads forum, but it's full of collector nerds and purists.
I'd take a look at G&L.
The G&L do look pretty cool. I like the quality of the other models I've tried. I haven't had any luck finding any G&L JB, SB or SB2 in stock anywhere in a finish I like. Seems like there are a ton of L2000 and stuff, but I already have a Stingray. Which covers that humbucker thing.
If cost is no object I would get a Sadowsky. They have a reputation as some of the best Fender style basses available.
yo I'd not say cost is no object. I'm just trying to avoid going for the bargain basses which the market is flooded with. I'm looking for something comparable to a Musicman bass in quality, without going full Sadowsky.
Though I am going to get a Sadowsky one day. I'm not sure if I'm patient enough to save up $3k for a bass right now.
I guess I'm really kind of pining for a Fender Japan from one of those Akhibara shops that does whackadoodle customs. Like all those reverse headstock 70's reissue ones they made a few years ago. With full on bound blocked nonsense.
The Moon basses look nice, but I can't find any to try out.
I tried a used Moon bass at a local Guitar Center. It was extremely nice but weighed more than I was willing to deal with.

I’m a fan of Lakland basses. My main player is one and every one I have ever played is high quality. They make a few different types of jazz style basses.

Another small luthier that looks interesting is Valenti. He learned from Sadowsky.
Yeah I'm familiar with Valenti. He used to post on Talkbass back when I was on that forum a lot.
He's a cool guy but his tastes for Jazz style basses are different than mine. The Lakland/Dan Lakin's or Japanese Fenders are more my style.

I'm surprised you saw a Moon at GC. Ive only seen them online. I don't care much about weight. I'm a big guy. There is not much difference to me between an 8 lb bass and a 11 lb bass.
The Moon was actually at Sam Ash, but same difference. It was there for months. Super nice bass.
So I guess I'm narrowing it down to a Lakland Daryl Jones or Fender Japan Aerodyne. I kind of want the 70's look as much as possible.
Apparently my spirit animal for Fender Bass is the early 70's Jazz Bass my former housemate and bandmate (I also play drums) owns. Which is a big old snazzy white Jazz with matching headstock and those blocks and shit.

IIRC he even had the ashtray and knuckle skinner pieces, but just kept them in the case, not on the bass.
I've set up some ebay searches to keep an eye peeled.

Then I remembered, Antigua?! Yeah they are kind of sick looking, in a decrepit supermarket kind of way. But it really appeals to my esthetic as a general weirdo to have such an elegantly ugly bass guitar. Unfortunately the only cool ones I find are either some absurdly overpriced 'journeyman relic masterbuilt turbo' or actual vintage deals from the 70's. Which are cheaper than the new relic ones! hihi
Isn’t the Lakland DJ a 70s jazz copy?
slam wrote:
Isn’t the Lakland DJ a 70s jazz copy?

I do believe so. That is kind of what I am shooing for.

After checking out a bunch of things on some impossible Japanese websites. I think I am going to try and get a Bacchus bass. They have several model lines, from totaly whacked out to pretty boring. And they are almost all Jazz bass variants. They also have Domestic (Japan) built models and overseas (China and Philipines) built models that are finished in their main factory, similar to Lakland Skyline.

I'm now debating between getting a cheaper model that I wont feel guilty for modding a lot. Or nicer one that I can live with for a long time.

Found a site in Canada that sells them, so I can avoid outrageous Japanese shipping!

I'm planning on for sure getting a passive bass. And I'm most likely going to install a 3 way pickup switch, like you see on most Gibson style 2 pickup guitars.

I may also go down the road of pickup swapping until I get the tone that I want. Basically I want a very vintage Fender tone. Not that Bartolini or EMG thing. I've got a Stingray if I want that active bass zing.
THANKS for that Canuck guitar site.

I now know where my next bass is coming from. Bring on the Japanese P bass.
calaveras wrote:
After checking out a bunch of things on some impossible Japanese websites. I think I am going to try and get a Bacchus bass. They have several model lines, from totaly whacked out to pretty boring. And they are almost all Jazz bass variants.

At some point I owned both a pretty classic (but slightly smaller bodied in a way only Japanese make 'em) lake placid blue'ish J-Bass from Bacchus AND a cream colored P-Bass from the same company. Both were some of the best basses I've ever played and finish was second to none even though I think you could categorize them to the "pretty boring" sector. So thumbs up for this plan.

I think I got the first one from someone at Talkbass or similar site's marketplace and once I fell in love, ordered the second one from Ishibashi Japan's "U-Box" used section that a lot of bass and guitar buyers liked at that point.

I think I paid about 600 euros a piece for those back then, including shipping to this remote part of EU and all that. They were some of their vintage / classic line though, that was much more economical than the whacked out J-/P-variations that have fancy exotic wood, plexiglass and a big price tag.
I have to admit that the Fender Classic 60's Jazz which is less than a grand, but comes in nitro finish, is tempting. But it seems it only comes in that awful burst finish.
So I'm torn on that one, because to me a Fender is; rosewood fretboard, maple/alder/ash neck and body woods, and that smell from a nitro finish. I don't go in for that whole 'nitro sounds better' thing. To me it is just a vibe. There is also that a nitro finish bass will show wear and look broken in after a while. Which I do not mind.
But I just hate that Fender 'burst' look. It always reminds me of poorly executed bubble letter graffitti.
I wish it came in red or white!
The nitro lacquer finish is also available in pink, red, and white on the Fender Jazz.
calaveras, if you are not 100% decided on something yet, I can only urge you to have a look at Maruszczyk basses and configure a Jazz style bass (they call them Elwood) exactly how you’d like it. They are a German operation with luthiers & production in Poland. I have one of their custom PB style basses. Prices are super competitive, especially for a custom bass, and the workmanship is great. You won’t be disappointed.

Note that the online configurator for custom basses only covers 4 of their bass models, but if you contact them via email you can configure any model you want. Good luuck!
I've been through 5 Fender Jazz's (+ a Hoppus) and currently own 3;

By far, my favorite is the (believe it or not) Flea Jazz Bass but you said 'no relic' treatment.

I have a 73 reissue, which is American made (bout in '05) with a bound fretboard and black block against pine but it's a boat anchor and I hate the glossy finish (which is natural ash). Sounds punchy though.

Finally an american made sunburst with no pick guard and a CIJ lined fretless that I cobbled together; yes, it's a Jaco knock-off.

Best advice I can give is to not buy without playing. The right Bass will find you, not vice versa. (also, get passive)
Just realized G&L is doing block inlays now: Drunken Homer Simpson
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