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Good iOS sequencer that can send midi notes and CC data?
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Author Good iOS sequencer that can send midi notes and CC data?
I just bought the USB-MIDI2CVplus interface, that can be connected to the iPhone, and convert midi data to note, gate and CV data.

Are there any decent midi sequencers out there for iOS, that I can use to send control data to the interface?
If you like the more classic DAW interface and want also to record audio tracks and maybe do processing and mix down, then Cubasis is top notch.

If you want a more sequencer style interface with loops and scenes and only MIDI, the. Modstep is hard to beat. It’s a little bit tough to navigate quickly at first tho.

I’ve tried other sequencer apps and these are the two that can handle and edit CC messages best.
Midisequencer and Quantum, from the same developer, are emulations of classic step sequencers. Quantum is somewhat 6 times one Midisequencer. Both can output CC MIDI as well.

Another interesting sequencer is Rozeta. It's a sequencer suite with several different sequencers, one for drums, one for melodies, etc., and also particle-based note generators. However Rozeta is an AU plugin in iOS, so you need to have a hosting app. And I'm not sure if it can output CC's.

Then there are a couple of other powerful sequencer apps, although I'm not sure if every one is iPhone compatible, and if they can output CC's. Modstep (as mentioned), Concentric, Patterning, Xynthesizr, Thesys, Fugue Machine, midiSTEPS, Earhoof, ...

iOS is king for sequencing. With an interface also very good for hardware sequencing.

It's somehow logical. A touchscreen computer is ideal for such tasks. Good interaction and programming, and not much development cost. The only problem to solve is the interface.
+1 for Modstep

Also check out Patterning from Olympia Music Co. It’s a great sound source and is great Midi note/cv sequencing
AUM + Rozeta

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