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Best Cassette Player Tape Manipulation?
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Author Best Cassette Player Tape Manipulation?
Just wondering if anyone has any advice on good cassette player/recorders that have control over speed, direction, and/or other fun things? I just got a reflex liveloop for my rack and am loving feeding it old tapes I've been collecting from thrift stores but I am using a borrowed cassette player which I'll have to return eventually...

I know speed and stuff are pretty common but are there any crazy cassette players out there that can do more than that? Or that just sound good? Or have any distinguishing features? (And aren't tooooo expensive)

Tell me! I want more tape sounds!!! screaming goo yo
Unborn Gore
Unborn Gore wrote:
I have an American Printing House for the blind/General Electric book on tape cassette player, it has a couple of ways to control the tape speed, it has a tone control and it has a switch to control what side of the tape is playing. Not a great device for listening to high quality recordings but it is a fun instrument.
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