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iConnectAudio4+ Complex Setups
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Author iConnectAudio4+ Complex Setups
If anyone has experience with complex setups using the iConnect interfaces, I’m looking for some info.

My bandmate and I are putting together a new live setup wherein we will be using some of our key pieces of hardware, but also each of us will be using an iPad Pro for other synths, instruments and effects. Each of us also will have our own audio/MIDI interface which our hardware will be connected to for effects processing and MIDI, and outputting our audio mixes. Then the idea is to have a centralized MacBook running Ableton Live to sequence some note data and a lot of the CC for our effects and instruments. It’s the master sequencer, and might also host virtual instruments and audio tracks. We are hoping to connect each iConnectAudio4+ to the MacBook too, setup and aggregate device, and use the iConnect config software to route both audio and MIDI between the MacBook and both iPads.

Is this possible?
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