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MFOS weird sound generator help
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Author MFOS weird sound generator help

Hi all, I have taken my first dive in to diy synth making with a very modest mfos. Trouble is the sound is really quiet in my headphones and only playing in one ear. Then when I plug it in to speakers it’s loud but really high pitched! Any help would be greatly received. I have followed all instructions and triple checked connections, I just can’t fathom what’s going wrong!
I can't point you directly to what is wrong here, but here's some general troubleshooting advice (and believe me, we've all been through this, each and every one of us grin):

1) Don't panic!
2) Double check every single component (a) whether you put in the correct values, and if applicable, (b) whether you put them in in the correct direction/orientation (diodes, ICs, other semiconductors, but also electrolytic caps).
3) Don't panic!
4) Check each and every wire connection. It is easy to miss one and can drive you crazy if you don't find it (I know what I'm speaking about... I had overlooked a tiny ground connector in the LFO ofy my MFOS SLMS).
5) Don't panic!
6) Check all solder joints and resolder any that look suspicious.
7) Don't panic!
8) Switch on your DVM and, if you have one, oscilloscope. Check voltages wherever applicable and follow the signal and control paths step by step using the scematioc, for which the o-scope is extremely helpful.
9) Most important of all: Don't panic!

There is a very detailed WSG troubleshooting page on the MFOS site that will provide every advice you may need grin.
adamhoughton86 wrote:
Trouble is the sound is really quiet in my headphones and only playing in one ear.

If the output has a 1kohm series resistor, as is common in many modules, and you load it with a low impedance (8/16/32ohm) headphone the output will be significantly attenuated. A passive speaker should have the same problem while an active speaker with internal amplifier normally have a much higher input impedance and and will not attenuate the signal the same way.
The jacks used are mono jacks so you should only be able to hear any sound in the left channel so this is completely normal.
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