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Tangerine Dream clone
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Author Tangerine Dream clone
Hi folks, this is live.

I've been putting together two modulars and a number of analogue synths in an attempt to get a live show which would play Tangerine Dream style numbers - think "Ricochet".

This is one modular and a Moog Minitaur having a jam. The modular sequences are selected by rotary switch. Just twiddle the cutoff filters on the Minitaur and modular from there. "Proof of concept", only effect added is a floaty delay using Reaper.

This is only a small test, I've got tons more stuff lying around, ie. one 9U modular, sequencer, MS20, Minibrute, Dreadbox Hades and Erebus and three vintage audio generators going through home made effects pedals.

Soundcloud link below

Soundcloud link

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