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Fried iPod touch when troubleshooting guitar pedal
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Author Fried iPod touch when troubleshooting guitar pedal
Future Aztec
I have been building a fuzz pedal and I was using my iPod Touch as a sine wave voice and using an old oscilloscope to trace the signal. This worked as a great way to troubleshoot the circuit. However, I noticed my iPod would not hold a charge after. I had a hunch I may have screwed something up. So today I was updating software making sure it wasn't some bad update or something. Then I go into Korg Gadget (the DAW I used as a sine source to test the guitar pedal) and the audio coming out is crackled to heck and only coming out of one of my headphones. I am pretty sure I somehow fried the iPod. So I wanted to warn anyone doing this not to fry their iPhone or computer when troubleshooting.

But, also, what do I do now? I love using my iPod touch when I go for a hike in the woods and play my guitar, or when I make beats with Korg Gadget. Is the iPod a singular chip, impossible to deal with or is there a way to repair it. It looks like I will need to replace the battery but I will also have to do something about the audio components!

Please help. d'oh!
dude, if you blew up your iPod trying to fix your guitar pedal, what are you going to blow up when you try to fix your iPod? twisted
Maybe buy one of those cheap function generator diy kits for your future testing needs.
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