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Spanish Music style specialists here ? Gypsy/Flamenco......
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Author Spanish Music style specialists here ? Gypsy/Flamenco......
i´m looking for a special kind of spanish Music. Its about a specific style of singing i´m after.
It´s somewhere around Gypsy and Flamenco Music. But there must be more style descriptions, more Terms to get a better surch.
They told me back in ´93 in my Drugtherapy in Spain/Portugal that it was called "Rumba"..........,´s not "Rumba" as we here understand that term ( or YT )

edit: check second post
( video 3 and 4 are best to check )
from 2:22 on
ahh look, i found this called Rumbas
but its only the parts where they "hold" single words in this video !
ahh look, thats the closest in regards what they were listening overall, but its also not like those gems i´m looking for:
...they also sing "Rumba"...........?

this is the closest i could get, but its not yet there. the type i´m looking for had something VERY deep, VERY melancholic, yet still energy giving vs beeing depressive.
Kind of a arabic-spanish soul music.........
slower, really overall the weight on the melancholic side

for those spanish folks it was like what is pop music to us, ......"Schlager" in Germany. Everybody knew that music ( people from all over Spain )
some of the interprets/singing was just awesome, ...some or most more on the cheaper or even cheap side.
i´m looking for those Gems.......and need more terms to surch on on YT.
searching for "Rumba", "Gypsy", or "Flamenco" Music isn´t giving that particular type of music out so far.
ok, i guess my best term to use is: "cante Flamenco"

this quite is it:
just that those spanish folks had some better ones........haha
very interesting. Qiyan music from andalu Q

very middleage-ish......

ok, guess i´m thru it in regards to YT.
next station, ask some spanish people.......
oh well, that was the purpose of this thread wink
It doesn' t get better than this...

relggiwffum wrote:
It doesn' t get better than this...

This is it ! fantastic.

.......and this choir: love
Much Thanks to both,
relggiwffum and GuyaGuy

This means ALOTS to me.
it is not what you are looking for but... this damn drug is getting me crazy
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