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outboard reverb suggestions for analog synths
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Author outboard reverb suggestions for analog synths
I'm thinking pretty hard about getting an outboard reverb effects unit for the Matrixbrute (and will probably use it for the Moog Mother 32 when I get one in the near future) since the onboard analog reverberator on the MB is kind of odd and I don't particularly care for the sounds it makes.

Has anyone tried any on their synths that they would like to recommend?

I'd REALLY like to get a Strymon Big Sky or even a Strymon Blue sky but they are NOT cheap and hard to find used at any discount. short list is probably a TC Electronics Hall of Fame 2 (runner up to the Creamer), Digitech Polara, T-Rex Creamer (my current fav because I found a used one for less than $100), JHS Alpine, Boss RE-20, or even the Electro Harmonix Cathederal.

Just spotted the TC Electronics T2 also...looks nice as well...
Depends what flavour/s of reverb you want. I get a lot of mileage out of a battered old Korg DRV-1000 which cost me about £30 – I like its gritty lo-fi presets. But I also like the larger spaces in the Lexicon MPX-1, which sounds good but isn't any fun to program so I've never really veered far from the factory settings.

I've not used the Big Sky, but the El Capistan is a decent pedal, so I'd recommend them in a general way if you can fund it. It knocks the Boss RE-20 to one side, I found the Boss too brittle after a while. The El Cap has a spring reverb sim tacked on after the tape delay side of things, which does the job but isn't as flexible as, say, the Boss FRV-1. That's not a bad little compact reverb pedal if you like the simulated spring sound.
For "decent but affordable" the TC pedals are a good choice, and the Toneprint function lets you add new algorithms either downloaded or home grown.
Rost + Licht
You might want to Check out the Empress Reverb aswell. Beautiful natural to wierd sounding Reverb. The Ghost mode is Sth else..

I find anf read alot of comments about this topic, that it sounds more natural and musical without covering everything as the Big Sky tends to do.
Eventide and Lexicon pro reverbs are pretty much the gold standard. The algos in the Space (you can find this used) or the H9 (contains the Space algos plus a ton more) are stunning, diverse, heavily modifiable so you can go deep, and truly professional in sound, quality, and ability to fine-tune to fit into your mix. Once you get used to those, everything else just sounds like they were copying, and usually not really well.

Strymon stuff sounds nice, but compared to what you get for the same money from Eventide, it's a no-brainer to me.

Lexicon is similar, at least their higher end stuff. Eventide has better utility in "wow, that's really something" (although their bog standard stuff really shines too by being perfect and not noticeable - a very good thing in a basic reverb), and I find Lexicon is really oriented more towards the latter - well done basic reverbs for putting instruments spatially in a mix without calling attention to oneself - sounding perfectly natural is the name of that game here.

So yeah, you won't go wrong with vintage pro lexicon gear (think 1U rackmounts) or anything Eventide (even their stomps sound fantastic) and you'll get far far more for your money, too.
scrumbo mcgrumbo
I've had the bigsky, but I sold it because I could get super similar results with the Valhalla plugins.

I've been using OTO BAM for about a year now and I'm pretty happy with it. Very unique sound

I'd say if you don't want to spend more than 300-400, I'd stick to plugins and save up for something really good.

I've found that most reverbs under that won't get you too far ahead of currently available plugins, unless they are vintage digital or spring reverbs.

but if you just don't want to deal with computers that's a whole other story
On the mid priced hardware units, maybe a Dynacord DRP-20 would do the job, it sounds nice and thick. Guinness ftw!
for me eventide H9 is perfect for our modular love
+1 for Empress Reverb. Not a cheap option but I think it competes with Strymon and Eventide.
Lot of great input guys. THANK YOU all!

Well, after it all as usual I want more than I can afford. I agree the Eventide Space stomp would probably be the best option but I can't find one used for less than $399....which is about twice as much as I would want to spend for just reverb. Sheesh...who would've thought a "simple" effect would be so darn costly and "botiquey". Wild.

I think I'll just get a cheapie TC T2 (it has 10 reverbs plus the tone print thingie) as they're on Guitar Center used for less than $100 and save my big money for my next purchase. I'm beginning my dive into modular with a Moog Mother 32 and I would love to have the DFAM and get a 3-tier rack in case I want to add another Mother 32 later. Then I'll be done, lol, famous last words.
I have the Big Sky and I've decided it is wayy too much reverb pedal than I really need. Plus, all of the mod type reverbs like 'shimmer' 'bloom' and 'chorale' have a distinct sound that you may get sick of hearing. You will definitely recognize them all over records that use them once you spend some time with one. Kinda same deal with the Eventide, but those algorithms sound way more dated and less high def.
If you really want to have some playable fun with the reverb, do not forget about the lovely KNAS Ekdahl Moisturizer!
I just want a nice and moderately subtle reverb like you hear in the Nick Batt videos when he talks about Moog sounding better with reverb....and you can hear what he's talking about....also in the new Moog DFAM marketing videos they have this sound on this housey drum beat that sounds so lucious. Deadmau5 uses the sound on a lot of his down/up bass arps and's wet but not echoey and crazy....just a bit of ambiance. I dunno how to really describe it but I know it when I hear it and I really like it.

Here's an example, listen at 1:10 and I think it's there, subtle but it's there...
I know I've probably come across as a common or "basic" jackass referring to Moog ads and Deadmau5 but whatever...incidentally I am kind of simple minded at times...
I use this pedal with a DDRM, and it is fantastic (it was designed with a certain synth reverb style in mind):
I really like my Caroline Méteoré.

it has a specific sound, and is Mono, but dang it, if everything sounds good with it.

I also like that you can hit the oscillation button to make it self oscillate...

it has a flavour though, and if you want shimmery sounds, then go for a eventide etc.
cwhiley wrote:
I know I've probably come across as a common or "basic" jackass referring to Moog ads and Deadmau5 but whatever..

I think you just come a cross as an enthusiastic guy not worried about asking basic questions, nowt wrong with that wink
cwhiley wrote:
I think I'll just get a cheapie TC T2 (it has 10 reverbs plus the tone print thingie) as they're on Guitar Center used for less than $100 and save my big money for my next purchase.
Hi! You should definitely listen to the different reverbs in the T2 before you buy one as they are all pretty weird special effect type ones, which can be great but none of may be what you want all the time? You'll still have the one TonePrint slot so you can dial in what ever you want but if the rest of the presets aren't things you'll use often it might not be money well spent. I think the T2 looks killer love but . . . you might be happier with a Hall Of Fame original version or the version 2 if you can afford it.

I have several pedals that do reverb now that I used for synths:
Strymon BigSky (best over all Lotsa Love )

Strymon El Capistan (not versatile as a reverb but great with the delay as an all-in-one box. Killer tape emulation!)

Meris Mercury7 (unique features and pristine sound)

TC Hall Of Fame v1 (excellent general reverb with several useful variations)

TC HOF Mini (sounds good and fits in tight spaces BUT just one sound can be loaded, just one control for mix and it's mono. also doesn't seem to handle high input level as well as the full sized version. Not a good value compared to the full sized version)

TC T2 (sounds great and look awesome cool but, sounds are 'exotic' for the most part and I think it is better used as a special effect or to add character to a chain of multiple pedals for ambient work)

Caroline Meteore (a cool pedal with standard to special effect type reverb depending on how you set the controls. No presets. Billed as a "low fi" reverb but if you don't crank the preamp and regen I think it sounds quite nice. I haven't spent much time with this one yet)

Mooer Ocean Machine (A very impressive pedal, especially if you get a used or demo one for half off. They are normally $300 but I got mine for $155 on eBay! w00t While it is a lot of stuff in one box for a low price it still can give some quality sounds. It has two separate delay sections and a separate reverb section as well as a looper! And the construction is all aluminum I think. Some of the sounds aren't what I'd call good and some are. A trusted reviewer said he thought the Hall Of Fame v2 reverbs sound better than the Ocean Machine. I haven't spent much time with this one yet either.)

They are all great in their own unique ways.
Here are aome related videos. Some I did, some other people did others and not always pure pedal only demos or synths etc.

Strymon BigSky

Meris Mercury7

TC Hall Of Fame v1


Caroline Meteore

Mooer Ocean Machine
Great synth reverbs ordered by price:

Alesis Quadraverb
Lexicon PCM81
Eventide H9
Strymon Big Sky
Ekdahl Moisturizer (more fun than "great")
Oto Bam
Eventide H3000
Lexicon PCM92
Eventide H8000

Great synth reverbs ordered by greatness:

Eventide H8000
Eventide H3000
Oto Bam
Eventide H9
Alesis Quadraverb
Lexicon PCM92
Lexicon PCM81
Strymon Big Sky
Ekdahl Moisturizer

this is just is my opinion of stuff i have around
Can't go wrong with the Big Sky or OTO BAM!
Notron fn
What to do folks think of the Catalinbread Talisman?
I can reccomend the TC Hall of Fame V1. I'm really not into huge spacey modulated warbles. For a nice subtle reverb the HOF is all I need. And it has a big bonus: A lot of reverb stompboxes can't be set to 100% wet signal due to the fact that they were designed for pedal boards of guitarists. Not having 100% wet signal is a showstopper if you ever want to use the effect on a send/return-loop in your mixer. Long story short: HOF can be set to 100% wet with dip-switches.
Digesting. Thank you all so much. So helpful....kinda. Hah! It's like the options never end lol.
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