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73-75 Homebuilt Serge: Ring Mod & Waveshapers getting Na
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Author 73-75 Homebuilt Serge: Ring Mod & Waveshapers getting Na
73-75 Homebuilt Serge
Ring Mod and Waveshapers getting to the Nasty

I'm in a stage where I love to listen to 303 jams. So much twisty goodness. What can come out of the Homebuilt like that? Just starting to look, but this time I didn't start from first principals of 303 sounds; rather from the last patch.

Previously described last patch, and added two stages of TWS into Ring; cross-fading the outputs from Gate and Ring thru the 3U Cold Mac. I wonder, how similar is the effect of the Wave Shape knob of the OSC to the effect of each stage of the TWS?

The video starts with the Ring output only, with close ups just documenting the patch. No wiggling until about 1:30. At 1:54 you hear the Gate output only briefly. But the Ring is so deep and cool, we go back to that pretty fast. At about 2:50 the melody starts to get wiggled. Cools beat transition at 3:40 to 4:00. About 6:30 the tone really starts to drive through. Then the frieght train gets going about 7:20.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks for your videos, these will definitely help decide me to start building mine. thumbs up
73-75 Homebuilt Serge: Ring+TWS Nasty Pt. 2, What If...

Couldn't resist another one tonight, hope you enjoy.

EG#1 is cycling at it's own rate, and its Window Out is the pitch source into OSC. Pos Slew into EG#1 Hold controls the behavior of EG#1. Neg Slew into Ring in VC-Y, modulation is the basic beat. EG#2 is cycled, and its outs modulate TWS#1 & #2. EG#3 is cycled, and its Window Out goes into EG#2 Hold EG#3 outs modulate Gate CV and OSC Wave Shape. OSC shaped wave out to TWS#1, whose out goes to TW#2, whose outs go to Ring ins X & VC-X. OSC saw out to audio (not used this patch) and OSC saw out to Gate in; Gate out to Ring Y in.

Lots of wiggles for a fun patch.

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