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Recollection GRM - pressing qualtiy
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Author Recollection GRM - pressing qualtiy
I’m pretty some of you own one or more releases of Editions Mego’s sub label Recollection GRM.

A friend of mine draw my attention to the pressing quality of Recollection GRM. He spoke of poor pressings of several releases. Among others he mentioned the compilation Traces Three and Jaap Vink’s double album. Some of these releases he bought at a local shop. Realising the inferior quality he returned the copy to receive a fresh one displaying the same faults.

Furthermore he draw my attention to several similar minded complaints on the Vink release:

Personally, I got the following two Recollection GRM releases: Music from Computer by Risset and GRM Works by Ferreyra. The latter is fine, while the former is of inferior quality.

What are your experience with Recollection GRM releases?
I have some that sound ok and some that don't. Traces 1 + 2 are full of pops, clicks and surface noise and it's not my gear causing this.
L'Expérience Acoustique by François Bayle sounds good as does the Pierre Schaeffer LP.
I'm really over buying new Lp's.
the bad producer
I've got a couple, same problems here...

casiopia wrote:
I'm really over buying new Lp's.

And this zombie It's a thing I think, I read somewhere that there is only one person left in the world making and setting up the cutting heads for lathes and when she retires quality will go to pot... I'll try and dig up the link.
the bad producer
Oh - classic half-remembered tale! Still an interesting read:
Too bad. It's a real shame since some of their release are of great interest. Well, at least to me and even more so to the above mentioned friend of mine.

However, good to hear that the Bayle album seems to be OK. If got his The bird, The singer album which I think great. I really love to have more by him.
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