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Easel Program Card Resistors Mouser Cart
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Author Easel Program Card Resistors Mouser Cart
mestlick 990ea9

Here is a cart I made with resistors for the Easel Program Card.
The bad news is that the >1M values are not exactly what is in the Strange manual, but I think they're close enough to be OK. The good news is that 50 each of 10 resistor values is under $10 total.
Wow, thanks for this!
This is way cool! Thank you for sharing.
If you don't mind I'd like to piggyback on this thread and offer my little legend/cheat sheet I developed over the years. I was going to wait and release it as a perk on my patreon page but I don't think I'll get around to doing patreon.
Here it is.
You'll note that the most used values are 120k, 200k and 390K for the switches et al. So I would suggest getting more of those values when you order, they get used up quickly from my experience.

And your map helps so much, love this forum!
I made this 208 Program Card Resistance Calculator in Google Sheets a number of years ago, maybe it will be helpful to some in this thread. Please use the "Make a Copy" feature (or download it if you'd like to use it locally).
Very helpful! Thanks
Following thread due to Todd's recommendation... I've had my new Music Easel for a week now, and am wanting to start working with the Program Card. Thanks to you all for posting this stuff!
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