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Roli NOISE question...
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Author Roli NOISE question...
Done some googling, watched some videos, read their web page, can’t figure this little bit out. I got a Roli Seaboard from my wife for Christmas, and it’s been loads of fun with the iPad. It’s also fussy enough that I’m hearing bad habits I have on our piano (places where I drag a finger a bit in changing chords, that kind of thing.) My piano instructor catches me doing it when she watches me, but I can’t hear it on our piano, but gosh, does it sound bad on the Roli. smile It’ll be a good coach.

Anyway, the question. How can I just plain ERASE a loop in Noise? I’ve got the overdub thing down pat —- lay down a loop by picking a square and going tot eh instrument tab and hitting record, and then I can overdub with the overdub button. If I’ve got the same project open, it seems like I can “unwind” previous recordings by repeatedly pressing the undo button, until I get back t a silent loop. But if I exit the project and go somewhere else and go back, undo only takes me back to where the loop was when I last had the project open and no further. I’m not expecting endless undo (I’m guessing that Roli somehow freezes the controller data or something), but when I’ve got a loop I’ve just hopelessly crapped on, I’d love to get rid of it.

I sent an email to their support too, hoping they could set me straight. It has the feel of either a bug or something very unintuitive.

(PS: Started a new thread for this, because it’s NOISE- and not Block or Seaboard specific. If you’ve got an iThing, the NOISE app is kinda fun even without their controllers, once you figure it out. There are better music apps, but the price is right.)
Go to the "Song" screen that shows all of the recorded loops.

Click and hold the loop you want to delete. Delete and Copy will appear on the bottom of the screen.

Drag the loop and drop on the delete area.
Whoo hoo!! And Copy too! What a bonus.

Look out world, here I come. This just made this week's business trip about a thousand times better. Thank you!!
a Noise tip I picked up from ROLI.

the lights on the screen are a little delayed when resetting to beat one on a clip but the sound is not... so use the sound on the metronome to tell you when to punch in... otherwise everything on beat 1 will be a little delayed.

takes a bit of practice....
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