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Q167 LFO++ use as VCO
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Author Q167 LFO++ use as VCO
I realize the Q167 LFO++ is capable of being used as a standard VCO to a limited degree. Is there any one actually doing this? Do you only own the LFO++ and no other VCO's like the Q106?

I want more VCO's (but am currently not ready to buy) and my initial choice would be for either the Oakley slim VCO or the Synthetic Sound Labs S1200 VCO (which I already enjoy having). The idea is to use more VCO's in a smaller footprint. There is no real replacement for the 2U width of the Q106 or Corsynth C104 or Krisp1/Oakley VCO or Analog Craftsman acVCO, but I'm running a crowded setup anymore so I'm going to have to consider single space modules if I do any expansion.

The Q167 is flexible enough and has some interesting variable functions but the limiting waveforms selector switch, exponential only FM and no PWM means a more generic sounding VCO right from the start. The Plus, plus I guess is the envelope and VCA aspects, but that is not related to what I'd look for in a VCO. Great for the LFO portion though.

The reason it is curious to me is that the portable skiff version of the Thought Box TB22++ contains no full-fledged VCO's. It just has the ++ modules. Different kind of thinking inside that box.
I have all of the ones you mention here except the SSL Osc.
Must get that hihi
But anyhow, choices choices for sure.
You could change some 106s to single width 106A and so free some space if you have the Q141 aid modules still hanging about. Roger sells a kit. You sacrifice features this way though perhaps?
There should be more Q167 demos coming out as people adjust to them.
The Q106 is still a workhorse.
Ockeghem: Actually, I think you gain a feature or two over the 106/141 combo and reduce the pair from three spaces to two... maybe you're thinking of the 107 to 107A kit?

I seem to remember reading the 167 is 'triangle core,' making it a little more interesting to me at the time... RA said he designed it long ago as a 'universal modulator.'

I like Roger's high-density ++/A modules, but it's like quad or more density over the others... kind of like when paults went MOTM-micro (not frac, but the single-width more-denser).

Those look pretty good with original MOTM, but the dotcoms are kind of weird to me in with their originals (have a 107/107A pair now... cool, but overall an impulse thing).

However... based on modulargrid, I like the way the '++'es and 'A's play together (not that I care to go down that path anytime soon).

I'll just stick with s p a c e - q107a - s p a c e in my synthesizers.communist section for now (in fact, I'm converting my J247 back to 106/141... just 'cause it sticks out of my crowd so much... not moogy enough for my COTK section, either).

All that said, for really portable... I wouldn't worry about any of that (these days, I would and do just use a digital 'device').

Added: I can vouch for the SSL 1200 (still hard for me to write that since I have a lot of Solid State Logic gear) and O/K1 Slimby VCO, having two of the former and one of the latter (have #1 and maybe #5 1200, which are probably borderline 'skiff-friendly' and the Slim is even deeper, as I recall).
I use the Q167 as a VCO all the time, but unconventionally - I play it into the CV input of the RF Nomad (which accepts both audio or cv as a source).

It sounds really perfect that way and the shortwave signal grits it up nicely, as well.
Dr Gris
Why not some kind of 9#1 ABBB set?

I have 4 106 OSC and 2 167 LFO/OSC as well. I use the 167 quite often as a voice especially for percussive type sounds. With the built in envelope it is a bit easier to dial something percussive up without using extra modules. I have used the 167 as a "supporting" OSC just to fatten things up but it lacks the range control of the 106 so that is one limitation. It will sync but I really haven't used it "audio rate" for that. In a nutshell if you just need an extra OSC, I don't know that the 167 is the best choice. But look at the utility of it, and see if any of it makes sense.

Honestly, If you would like to try one I would be happy to pop one out and send it to you to try out for a few weeks. PM me if you are interested...we can work something out!
Dr Gris wrote:
Why not some kind of 9#1 ABBB set?


The use of a driver and secondary module like the 901A/B setup is going to be two spaces wide at least. I have a trio of 901's with the driver and although they are lovely, the array is five modules wide with a mixer to combine each secondary vco and there is only one control voltage for all three. No way to divide them into several vco's with their own frequency control voltage. So you get this giant, thick trio of waveforms but all tracking together for one voice. Not exactly space saving but truly gorgeous.

I'm looking for compact and the S1200 or SlimVCO are probably the only viable vco's out there it appears. I can vouch for the Synthetic Sound Labs 1200 vco. It is very stable, packed with useful features and sounds great. The Oakley I'm certain is just as nice but with a different control set. I've never had any Oakley modules that weren't top quality. Either (or both) would be outstanding additions to any rig. The Q167++ would do in a pinch but it's strength seems (to me) to be the extra LFO oriented features.
daveholiday wrote:
...Honestly, If you would like to try one I would be happy to pop one out and send it to you to try out for a few weeks...

Hey Dave, thanks for demonstrating another good reason to be a part of the 5U community here at MW! What a generous thing to do. applause
coyoteous wrote:
Added: I can vouch for the SSL 1200 (still hard for me to write that since I have a lot of Solid State Logic gear) and O/K1 Slimby VCO, having two of the former and one of the latter (have #1 and maybe #5 1200, which are probably borderline 'skiff-friendly' and the Slim is even deeper, as I recall).

It's a hard call to decide between these two vco's. hmmm.....

The SSL 1200 is very nice with the addition of a sine wave and switchable PWM and switchable FM mode. Tracks perfectly too. Hard not to want a few more.

The Oakley has that nice octave switching and variable wave shaping. I'm not totally sure I understand the PWM on it. I assume the wave shape input will act as the PWM for the Pulse output? I guess it works the same for the saw/triangle/ramp wave shape too. I might have to get one just to find out. (evil laughter) twisted
kindredlost: Yes, about the Slim PWM (without looking... will verify later)... not to stop your evil plan, though.

Even though the 'B' has the LFO position, I find myself not using it much for that because of having to tweak the waveshape control for triangle (and no sin)... alternatively my O/K1 Deep Equinoxe probably gets used more for its tri LFO out, than as a phaser (although, it is excellent).

Synthcube MOTM 390s in MU might be a DIY option... they keep promising moo panels, but I haven't noticed any from a cursory search.

I think you've got a good handle on what is or isn't out there (more latter than former)... haven't looked at Grove lately (like my dad would say: 'lots of untapped potential there,' when he was trying to be nice).

I'm honestly thinking about getting a Behringer Model D on order as mainly a floating 5U augmentation... wish it was more patchable, but there's enough to be useful (hmm... might make for an interesting big CP with some extras in the extra space... probably best left as tabletop).

Oh, Texhoma... really? I'm up 35 here in Norman.
coyoteous, I'm looking at the new minibrute S for that! it looks like it's going to be a real slam dunk, there's a bunch of info in the general gear forum. Looks like 3 channels of cv control and at least 1 midi to cv. Big patch bay, better than a modded original Minibrute

I love steiner filters for sfx and percussion, they make pretty rocking thunderstorms, and the filters on the brutes have always been great. Not moog-like at all though
Thanks for the tip, ranix... those look good (guessing you mean the keyboard version, but the sequencer one is cool, too).

Quite a bit more than the Model D, though likely worth it... honestly, and with any luck, I hope to talk myself out of any of that, at least for now.

Other than a lot of non-synthesizer recording gear (and VIs), I haven't bought any non-5U synth stuff since back when my vintage gear wasn't vintage... except $150 for a Roland Boutique A10K (or whatever it's called).

Not that I don't want things... just trying to keep from going down the euro rabbit hole, etc. (I'd probably end up homeless with cardboard sign: 'will work for eurocrack and/or little Japanese keyboards').
kindredlost: Oops, I was thinking Texoma.
coyoteous wrote:
kindredlost: Oops, I was thinking Texoma.

LOL. Of course that's what I meant. I stupidly mis-spelled it. I've lived here (Wichita Falls) all my life except when in school, so I should have known better. And yes, I do traverse Tornado Alley through the midst of ground zero (Norman) quite a bit on my way to visit family in Tulsa so I am familiar with the great city of Norman. My Dad is a Sooner grad so we keep it real even here in Texas.

My Equinoxe is used for the LFO duties as much too. How funny. I use my sine and cosine outs of the Encore Freq Shifter and the LFO on the Tau Pipe Phaser all the time as well. When you gotta' have just one more LFO then it's nice.

We need to get together soon. Only a few hours apart. Around here that's next door neighbors. lol
kindredlost: Good additional insights regarding LFOs, etc. Haven't rechecked the Slim VCOs PWM yet (redoing my power, but I'm sure that's how it works... nearly verified by Oakley and Krisp1 websites, but...).
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