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Recycle 2.2 ? can it save all the single hits in 1 go ?
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Author Recycle 2.2 ? can it save all the single hits in 1 go ?
my point:
is Recycle 2.2 for me ?
is there a other option out ? ( OSX )

what i mainly want to do:
I´d like to chop/Slice up my modular grooves AND want to save all single hits of a loop-file in one go into one folder.
Can Recycle do that ?
( the product webpage left this point open for me )

edit: my main point is really to have all the single files available.
need that robot who is doing the work for me.
all above that is a welcome addon tough.
Yes. I do this all the time.

Once you get all your markers set the way you like:

File > Export > choose folder > name > SAVE
Great ! Thanks CF3 !
Whatever you choose for the name, the samples will appear: sample 001, sample 002, sample 003, etc..

Can also export a midi file with the chops too, so that it plays back in order. Then you can rearrange the midi notes in your sequencer of choice.

Guinness ftw!
Recycle has its uses. I wonder if it will get updated somewhere?
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