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Combining power supplies
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Author Combining power supplies
If I have one power supply via bus board, and then discover I need more connections and power, is it safe to add a module like uZeus, or even a different bus board? Are there any problems with interference etc?

I'm not exactly sure what you are thinking of doing but:

Do NOT connect ALL the rails of one power supply to another power supply in an attempt to create more amperage for more modules


DO connect just the zero volt rails of all separate power supplies together

So, yes, you can have two (or more) separate power supplies, each connected to their own buss board(s), in the same case. thumbs up

If you do a search there are lots of threads that cover this but I know it can be confusing because there are many different expert opinions on the subject. hihi
I'm thinking specifically of having a bus board as the main power, and then supplementing it with a uZeus on one of the rails. Is that feasible?
AW198 wrote:
I'm thinking specifically of having a bus board as the main power, and then supplementing it with a uZeus on one of the rails. Is that feasible?
I'm not sure what you mean exactly but that sounds, wrong? hmmm..... cool

When you say "having a bus board as the main power", what is this? Can you let us know what brand and model number is etc. Is it a powered buss board or a passive one or?

I'm not trying to be difficult, it's just when it comes to power it pays to be absolutely crystal clear. thumbs up
Sorry, I'm not being very clear.
I'm building a case which will be powered by the 6U version of this:
Which has 30 ribbon connection points. If I have more than 30 modules, would it be ok for me to use a flying cable uZeus to power the extra modules, or would there be any issue with interference between 2 power supplies in a small area?
Ahh, I "think" I see what you are saying!

You don't need to use the TipTop uZeus power supply to expand the number of modules you can connect, so long as you don't exceed the total amount of amperage all the modules are using combined. Those Trogotronic supplies deliver a lot of current so it's unlikely you'll run out of power?

The flying buss cables are sold separately (from both TipTop and 4ms) for about $12 to $15 and you would just plug that into one of the connectors on your Trogotronic buss board so your would be turning one connection into 5.

Personally I would just get a third Trogotronic buss board if I were you, if you have the physical space inside your case. Solid buss boards tend to be better to use than a lot of flying buss cables (less noisy so potentially quieter and less resistance so more power efficient). If you have room for three buss boards just get the 9U Trogotronic kit as it's only $15 more than the 6U kit, I think? A much better deal and a better setup. If you start adding a lot of 2 to 4 hp modules you will run out of connections fast!

But if you only need to connect one or two extra modules a flying buss cable is a quick fix! thumbs up

Have you used ModularGrid? It's free and a good way to plan your system and get a good estimate as to how much power is required:
I've already ordered the 6U one, but I've emailed trogotronic about whether connecting another single bus board later to expand it to 9U is possible. Thanks for pointing out that I can just use a flying cable, that'll save me some money and hp!
Having emailed Trog, turns out you can add more bus boards and power if you need to. The speed of their reply and the fact that they measured the screws included in the purchase, realised that for my particular case they'd be too long, and so chucked in some extra washers for me, have made them definitely have the best customer service I've ever experienced!
Just to be clear : don't connect the positives (or negatives) from two different power supplies together. Only connect the 0 volt (ground) together.
Thanks for the advice, I'll bear it in mind if I need to increase my power supply in the future.
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