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Empress Effects Zoia
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Author Empress Effects Zoia
Stompbox OP-1 mashed up with MAX and the modular Eventides rack effects? This thing looks bonkers.

I saw $499 MSRP somewhere, not bad.
Damn, it looks so awesome, I might seel my Echosystem to get this O_O
That looks very interesting! I wonder how many modules you can have at a time? Particularly interested in the looper and efx combinations.
I'm also interested - a pedal that can do both FX and synthesis - and would also be motivated to sell some pedals to make room for it.
Yeah this is a definite buy for me. Hope it comes around before the new CBA thermae. If I had to flip a coin I'd be happy with either. This looks so much more versatile.
flabby wrote:
That looks very interesting! I wonder how many modules you can have at a time? Particularly interested in the looper and efx combinations.

Either 5 or 10, they make mention of both. For sure the column furthest to the right (5 tall) can be 5 different effects, but in another part they say "one switch: 10 things happen."

I posted this video off of my phone but now that I'm home it looks even cooler seeing all of the different module types they intend to implement. Hopefully there will be a program/app for programming this thing (via the midi i/o) since I too am skeptical of building complicated patches with one knob. Sort of the Nord Modular approach, design on the computer and then take where you need.
SPIKE the Percussionist
really neato pedal but i wish they wouldn't use that 1/4" MIDI connection config for MIDI I/O.
OUCH my wallet
Looks like tons of fun w00t
Holy crap, these are going to be constantly sold out... Looks incredible. Reverb is saying Spring 2018, with expected price of $450.
Muse FTW
Empress continues to kill it. Love the Echo System. Will definitely pick this up once I get a better idea of the controls.
looks like they went out of their way to find the largest possible screen.. it was obviously a priority... very frustrating

really though.. why the screen even there? can't see it w/o some fucking binoculars.. maybe it has an HDMI output round the back so i can plug it into something bigger than my thumbnail.
This looks incredible, the amount of power you get for the (tentative) price... definitely hoping this ends up wothout major flaws. It looks perfect for the end of the modular signal chain.
Unborn Gore
Ugh... Empress Zoia or Bastl THYME??
Very tempting.

Looking forward to see more about the workflow of this thing. I'm kinda allergic to one-knob-assign designs but on the other hand, once you've build a nice chain of effects and whatnot it might be quite easily operated from there.

Oh and double looper sounds tasty
This kind of seems like it could be a guitar pedal (more closed off) version of something like the ER-301. Basically all the effects, but you have to do the patching internally and you could only have one CV or EXP pedal in. Either way, very tempting for a grab and go pedal. You could just ditch your board and only have this!
Subscribing. Mixed feelings here. UI will make or break it. I love my Echosystem but I feel like it’s a little too complex for the interface. It’s not as intuitive as my Timeline and I feel like I’m fumbling around in the dark at times. Perhaps I need more time with it. For me, I suspect this may be a bit cumbersome. But we’ll see! Knobs’ videos are fantastic btw.
I like Empress, but this looks like one of those things I might buy, and then it sits there collecting dust because I spend more time tinkering with it than actually using it.

Looks cool and has potential in the right hands, but I'm not sure what I would need with it.

Sorte reminds me of the Aleph/monome combo, but much more affordable and obtainable.
Paranormal Patroler
Unborn Gore wrote:
Ugh... Empress Zoia or Bastl THYME??

Yeah, that'll be a showdown for sure.
Unborn Gore wrote:
Ugh... Empress Zoia or Bastl THYME??

For me it would come down to the workflow - how easy/difficult it would be to adjust params on the fly and that kind of stuff.
If it has their reverb algorithms in there too for that price count me in!!
Unborn Gore wrote:
Ugh... Empress Zoia or Bastl THYME??

First thing to came to mind, it seems like the Zoia might be a bit more versatile though, will need to see its workflow and a detailed list of what it does or a manual

Reverb rundown posted today, shows a bit more of the grid mapping.

Excited to see more about it leading up to it's release. Lot of potential for clearing up some real estate on the pedal board.

It's like a Nord Modular for effects, and it's also possible to make synths with it! Strange that they make it a pedal when it's mostly buttons there. Is it possible to use your toes for this maby?

They could make a biggger table unit with bigger display and an optional controller pedal instead!
That Reverb video sold me. It's incredible. I freaking love it. I will have one of these.
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