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Varigate 4+ clocking issues with PNW
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Author Varigate 4+ clocking issues with PNW
can't seem to find any posts relating to the Varigate 4+.

I'm having some issues with the Varigate 4+ working with Pamela's New Workput. I'd prefer Pamela's as the master clock. The Varigate 4+ doesn't like the gate + modifier outputs from Pamela's...

Might I be doing something wrong or is there a know issue?


(sorry for the double posting)
Looks like Master Mode and Slave Mode are set via jumpers on the back of the module. See page 12 of the manual.
I had this combination working ok yesterday, PNW as master. I didn’t need to set the jumpers to slave (this refers to slaving VG4+ via the cv bus, not the CLK IN jack).

One thing I would say is It seems VG4+ is looking for a steady clock on its clock input, which it synchronises it’s own base clock to (like tempi for example). This is needed for the function of clock multiplication of course. So it’s not possible to reliably step the sequencers from external irregular gates, and if tempo changes are made on the master clock, it might take a small number of beats for VG4+ to get back in sync.

Hope this helps - I’ll experiment a bit more tomorrow.

thanks for the replies all.

I think changing the jumpers at the back of the V4+ may have helped.

Would be great to to use the DIN sync out of the PEXP-1 into the V4+ CLk in and Reset, but alas it doesn't work. (yes I have the DIN socket cable to 2x mini jacks, that works perfectly with my Metropolis).

The Varigate 4+ cannot take DIN, I presume?
As far as I know there is no way to set VG4+ to take anything other than a clock at 1ppqn. Sadly!

I feel the same as you, once PNW-Metropolis sync via DIN has been experienced, I want that level of sync and reliability on everything!

Mal uns
it worked for me when varigate in slave mode and no timing issues anymore. this is a bit sad cause i just have a voltage block by its side...

but i face an ohter stranger here. the varigate plays triplets unless i set the seq- lenght to 6. then its playing a 4/4... for sure no ratcheting and stuff active. if i divide the clock coming into varigate by 3 i get 8 steps in 4/4...

I might be missing something, but does anyone knows if its possible to change pulse width per step (and not just for all steps) on the Varigate 4+? If not, this seems to be a major drawback when sequencing percussive sounds...
i was kind of worried after reading this post because i was waiting on my varigate 4+ and want to use PNW as my main clock. Everything worked as expected for me. pam clock vari with no issues. all division and mult works as expected also.
I had some weirdness with the VG4+ as well... turns out it *really* doesn't like 24ppqn clock (even though you should be able to divide it down on the unit). It tends to stutter. Try using a slower clock, as someone above mentioned, it does like 1ppqn. Seems weird, but it's way more stable at that setting... not sure what the upper range on the clock detection "should" be, but this works.
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