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LZX Orion Video Memory modules
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Author LZX Orion Video Memory modules
This looks so sick!
coming this summer !!!

info from LZX site:
Coming Summer 2018: Orion Video Memory Modules, frame buffers and digital video effects running on our new video hardware platforms. Memory Palace, 26HP, 32-bit ARGB Framestore & DVE. Diver, 16HP, Audio-to-2D Visualization Sampler. Bell Chamber, 16HP, Dual Frame Synchronizer & Video Decoder. Stylus, 20HP, Stylus/Touch Drawing Interface
Memory Palace would be a good name for the sequencer module that was at last year's NAMM. 26hp would be about the same size, I think. The other names are more helpful, at least.

So, a very tasty announcement. Thanks.
These look very nice!!!
For a newbie to these great LZX modules, can you explain what these do? I’m a Eurorack guy becoming fascinated with reactive visual possibilities.
Disclaimer: some wild speculations follow. Mr. Green

Memory Palace, 26HP, 32-bit ARGB Framestore & DVE.

Probably a framebuffer, to capture and hold a complete frame. So, maybe think of it as a video sample & hold? DVE is short for Digital Video Effects. Who knows what that means here - mirror effects? Rotation? Scaling?

Diver, 16HP, Audio-to-2D Visualization Sampler.

I guess this turns audio into video. Maybe something like the Critter & Guitari ETC?

Bell Chamber, 16HP, Dual Frame Synchronizer & Video Decoder.

This would be the new TBC module, I guess. 2 video inputs, no genlock needed.

Stylus, 20HP, Stylus/Touch Drawing Interface.

What the I don't even.
Reposting here from the facebook group some details on the upcoming Orion series of modules.

Here is a very quick look at Diver and Memory Palace interfaces in progress. With digital module development we've been able to sort out some core features on our development boards and work on the interface later -- with analog modules I prefer to start with the interface and work backwards to the right circuit. So there's a lot to think our way through and creative freedom with the digital module interfaces and control schemes. I'm happy to answer questions on either of these, just please realize they are both quick sketches and not proposed final UIs -- a quick glimpse at a much larger picture. There are a few things decided on for the design language: lots of sliders, custom segment LED displays, powdercoated panels in a warm dark gray with white silkscreen, and a blend of colored tactile switch caps and clear broadcast console style caps with film inserts. The design language has been careful to line up perfectly against Expedition series panels, with consistent placement of lines and component grids, and the color palette is a nice muted contrast against Expedition's silver and blues. These two series are meant to be 2 parts of a larger system concept. We do different series in order to define new design languages to work within (which are quite strict about inside a series.) So the reason Orion Series is a new approach is because it warranted a new type of interface language, one which has more buttons and is more performance focused.

Oh my. Thanks.
man ive been waiting on modules with this functionality for many many years.
hmmm might not hafta get a wj mx series mixer now! which is great news cuz i dont have room for another case and another mixer
It's gonna be a great year in LZX land, a great great year. The digital line is so exciting to just think about
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