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Castle LZX series (looks like Cadet but black)
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Author Castle LZX series (looks like Cadet but black)
Designs by Philip Baljeu

Introducing Castle Series, a new set of eight DIY EuroRack module PCB & Frontpanel sets for video synthesis in LZX compatible format. Castle Series modules were designed by Philip Baljeu of Toronto, Ontario, and are inspired by early digital hardware video synths. All PCB & Frontpanel sets as well as patch and sticker merch items for Castle and Orion are available on our website now

The schematics are included! Yay for new stuff to make!!

more info:
Castle is a series of digital (on/off signals) logic modules meant to create blocky computer graphics, like an Atari 2600.

There's modules for converting signals to 3-Bit digital (8 brightness value representations [ADC]), for converting those 3-Bit signals back to a single analog signal (DAC), boolean logic functions (Quad gate and Multi Gate), Counter for waveform synthesis, clock divisions and pattern generation, Shift register for simple data delay and pixelization type stuff, Clock VCO for data rate control, and D Flip Flops for bit state storage and more complex pixelization effects.

So beyond that technical spew, it's a complement of modules to experiment with creating computer graphics, glitchyness, pixel art. Everything you need to synthesize and create patterns is there. When you add in other analog modules, stuff really starts to become unique. Since there is no system clock, and all clocks are variable, you aren't limited to the rectangular pixels everyone imagines when you say Digital. you can have wobbly blocks of color, so it looks more like textiles than computer graphics in ways.

even more info:

LZX shop
picture merge

it looks pretty nice;

i think i have to think about a new case eek!

if you leave the "s" out of "https" then it works.

Very pretty. Wish i had the cash. I will have to settle with ordering a Vidiot and messing with that for the next few years. SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo w00t
So damn rad, can't wait to grab the whole set!
If you've already ordered pcb panel sets, a handful of revisions have been made to the BOM's. just FYI.
Thanks for the heads up.
I already found some mistakes that I wanted to report.
(I was doing layouts for custom pcb's of the schematics)
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