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Buying banana cables in the UK?
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Author Buying banana cables in the UK?
I've read a few of the links in posts here, and I've got a few places to explore, but a lot of the links aren't live anymore.
Is it worth getting the Pamonona cables from someone like Mouser? I notice they have a UK site now. Rapid also seem like they have stocks at reasonable prices, but are they OK for Buchla systems?

Get some of Tom Bug's at the Bugbrand website - they're very decent quality and reasonably priced.
Yeah, I have two main cable packs available: id=131

I had previously DIYed cables from Rapid parts but much prefer these.
Some of the cheap cables from Rapid are pretty cruddy & the more reasonable types often don't come in the best lengths & colours.
Pomonas are lovely, but more expensive - Mouser is a good source now that Testpath closed (I think).

PS - thanks Mark!
Mouser’s pretty good for Pomona banana cables if you buy enough to get free shipping.
When you do they, give you the option to pay any import tax at the checkout and FedEx will deliver within ~3 working days to the UK.
Faster than some UK distributors pick an order! d'oh!
Search for the length you need, but notice that some colours are arbitrarily cheaper than others.

EDIT: The new Bugbrand cables probably work out cheaper. thumbs up
Thanks folks!
Tom, I'll be ordering some soon, I don't have PayPal, so I'll have to create an account.

thumbs up
Feel free to email me and I can do a manual invoice with bank details.
BugBrand wrote:
Feel free to email me and I can do a manual invoice with bank details.

Thanks Tom, I'll do that this morning. I need four of each cable, 25cm and 50cm.

PS, message sent!
Cables received from BugBrand! I must admit, these are amazing, I never thought I'd be waxing lyrical over cables, but honestly, these are soft, pliable, well made, perfect!
Great service from Tom at BugBrand too, top notch.
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