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Multiple Module in Frack Rack?
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Author Multiple Module in Frack Rack?
Was gonna make a passive Multiple In Frac for myself, as their are dead easy to make.

But I'm curious if anybody else uses a multiple module in their Frack Rack?
This seems to be a Euro only type of thing, as I've never seen a Multiple in Frack Rack format.
Blacet does make their mult/attenuator, though most systems don't seem to have many of them. STG used to make a mult in Frac, I'm pretty sure.

A lot of people either build mults into their Blacet rack ears (or have Metalbox do it for them), or use a 1U mult panel from Ad Infinitum:

I opted for building multiples and attenuators into my rack ears:

They're normalled together, so you can use 2+ attenuators as a distributor, or have larger mults.
I have two rack ear multiples using Schaeffer Frontpanel Design (hope I recall the name correctly).

PAiA used to have a economicalyy priced mixer/splitter:

Blacet has the marvellous Splitter/Buffer/Mixer module.

The useful Bar Graph module serves as a 1 to 2 multiple as well. Likewise the Dual Linear VCA.
Oh Ok.
Still think I'll make my own, Just need a couple 1x7/2x4 multiples should fit nicely in a single width Frack panel.
Blacet 3010 dual row is $30 for the kit. Hardly worth diying at that price.
DIY Frac ear projects by Marvin Jones, musical designer/engineer from PAIA.
Link -> Frac Ear Projects

His reference to countersinking the back of the jack holes for PAIA panels only applies to older 9700 panels which were a full 1/8" thick.
thee ghost ov n_phay
acidblue wrote:
This seems to be a Euro only type of thing, as I've never seen a Multiple in Frack Rack format.

Multiples are available in pretty much any format that doesn't use banana cables. Blacet Research's "Mult/Att" module is really good, useful & compact and costs so little that you might actually spend more money making one yourself.
I use STG Mult's I have 3 of them. al.jpg
Either I'm blind or my Google skills aren't as sharp as I thought they were.
My Googling for frack multiples always came up empty.

Apparently they're a Frac Multiples after all.
Thanks guys, you're all too damn helpful wink
Here's a rather large list of frac modules:

Good luck buying some of these.... very frustrating
I cheated and went this route:

Ten four-way 3.5mm multiples grouped into pairs. Each pair is normalized together, providing up to five seven-way multiples. Standard 1U 19-inch rack panel
For mults I bought myself an Ad Infinitum mult

see more here

That's basically taken care of my mult needs along with 2 Blacet Attenuators/ Multiples.

Intending to get another 3 Blacet modules to fill an ugly gap in the modular - and I need something that doesn't require power. The attenuators come in handy.
i use y-cables instead of mults, chained if necessary. with the price of racks, seems like a waste of expensive real-estate, to me.
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