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Beatstep pro vs 2x Beatstep
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Author Beatstep pro vs 2x Beatstep
Ola wigglers,

one question to the Beatstep Users:

would you go for two Beatsteps instead of one Beatstep Pro,
if you want to access all sequencers at once, are there some
killer-features in the beatstep pro, i need?

I just expect a cheap, musical sequencer with storage for 8 sequencers.

I'am about to build a live performance setup without using any computer.
I already own a system with multiple sequencers (klee, a155, some small ones) but only one musical (metropolis)

So... what currently is missing in my setup are more musical sequencers to control my metropolis' aux using a preset sequencer AND/OR without a sequence, pushing the pads to set the voltage.
Other sequencers i want to use using midi to trigger one
or two akai mpk 8 (cheap 8 channel sampler) for playing additional sampled percussion ond one-shot effects and samples.
Maybe one more for basslines.

and i don't want to access any menus while playing.

So in this case, are two beatsteps analternative to a beatstep pro?
Or is there something even better?

thx all!

Compared to modules the BSP is incredibly cheap. It is a much improved version of the original.

Just get the BSP and figure out what use you can get out of it because it will definitely be worth it for you.

I use to sequence two synths and trigger drum modules. The sequencer is very playable and quick (you can record live, or press the step and the corresponding note-> then hold the step plus another one and that note will be held for that length).

It's so easy to change the lengths of sequences... you can do polymeter for each track and even within the drum track you can have individual lengths for each of the 8 trigger outs.

The roller is pretty fun too, especially when you have sequences outside of the BSP going on simultaneously.
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