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RF Nomad companion module: AModulator SDIY
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Author RF Nomad companion module: AModulator SDIY
Just heard this in an Evaton Technologies newsletter - SOUNDS AWESOME.

For everyone who has issues with the RF Nomad as a receiver.

Here's the text from the email


The RF Nomad Gets a Companion:

AModulator SDIY In The Works
The AModulator SDIY module is in the works, with working prototypes having been shown off at MUTEK Montréal 2017. The AModulator SDIY is an RF amplitude modulator in a 4HP module. It allows you to use external audio to generate your own "radio program" for the RF Nomad to receive. With the AModulator SDIY, you'll never be without a radio signal for your RF Nomad to listen to!

Use the AModulator SDIY together with the RF Nomad to make your audio sound like a vintage shortwave broadcast. The AModulator is designed to sound like a far-away station. Move the Nomad's antenna around, nearer and farther from the front panel of the AModulator, to affect the reception strength as part of your performance!

The AModulator will be available ONLY as an SDIY kit, but it's an easy kit to build -- all thru-hole components. It can be built in as little as an evening.

The AModulator SDIY kit is expected to be available Spring of 2018.

Very excited about this.
That's way cool. The RF nomad was one of the things that initially drew me to euro, but I somehow haven't ever got one. This might push me to finally do it.
I was going to sell it... applause applause
I had a Nomad and sold it for that reason. This is brilliant. I wonder, is it possible to send CV? Wouldn't it be brilliant to have a wireless CV transmission system in euro?
This sounds like a lot of fun. If my RF Nomad doesn’t sell before this becomes available, I will probably end up trying it.
Yeah the nicest immediate idea I have here is I have other shortwave radios with more bands than the RF Nomad. (Along with AM and FM, too) This seems like a nice way to integrate them into the RF and still use its CV tuning to sweep in and out.
I'm sure this might be useful as well for anyone who own the Koma Fieldkit as it has a built in short wave radio receiver.
!!! S O L D !!!
Anyone know the timeline for these kits?
it's out now
any US dealer?
Here’s the link on Evaton:

Thonk UK is showing it as out of stock:

Here’s a video:
How the heck did these come and go so fast? hmmm..... Any word on the next lot?
jkjelec wrote:
How the heck did these come and go so fast? hmmm..... Any word on the next lot?

Yes! Maybe they’re only just released and Thonk is waiting for first stock. I’d like to pick up one of these.
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