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Trigger on gate open/close?
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Author Trigger on gate open/close?
Apologies if this is an obvious question... but I've been very frustrating for a while now trying to figure it out.

What method could I employ to create a trigger on both the opening and closing of a gate?

Any help welcome!
Interesting question; I have an EMW gate to trigger module, but it only does rising edges, but if you inverted the gate you would also get a rising edge at the fall from the inversion, but that would require two gate to trigger modules, surely there has to be something out there that will do both rising and falling edge triggers.

Doepfer A-165.
differentiator followed by full-wave rectifier possibly fed into a comparitor to square everything up
Yup, the A-165 would be perfect!
You didn't write what format you use so reccomending a module is hard. But in Euro: Yes Doepfer A-165. the A-156 quantizer can do it, too. It spits out a trigger each time the voltage at it's output changes. So when you feed it a gate it will emit a trigger each time the gate goes high and each time is goes low. So if you're on another format maybe look into quantizers that have a trigger output.
If you don't have an A165, maybe an envelope with EOR and EOC trigger outs?
NotHerbert wrote:
If you don't have an A165, maybe an envelope with EOR and EOC trigger outs?

Yes that might work if you want seperate outputs for the trigger on rising edge (EOR) and trigger on falling edge (EOC). But the EOR trigger will be a gate with a duration as long as the envelope is running. So OR-combining both EOR and EOC wouldn't work because they would probably merge.
My 4 x 4 EG has built-in End-Of-Envelope and End-Of-Delay trigger pulses. (Ignore what was said above about triggers actually being gates. These are triggers.) The EOE trigger fires when the envelope decays to a small value, ie it is not an End-Of-Gate trigger. The EOD trigger signals the end of the built-in delay time.

Please check my website and youtube channel for further clarification.

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