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What soundcard ? 500/600€ to spend
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Author What soundcard ? 500/600€ to spend
Hi guys, well I ve got to buy a soundcard and my budget is around 500/600€ to spend. I’m on a Mac and thinking if I should buy new or used.

For example , used in my country I can buy a RME ff800 or a Focusrite Scarlett 56 for that price.

I need some ins, maybe it’s easier to explain what I have :

3 Elektron (could connect to USB Overbridge)
Analog Heat

Mfb mono synth
Moog slim phatty

Mackie 1604 mixer

I wanna Rec to Ableton
I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and I'mon the fence with it. It's hard to get the stereo inputs to always be balanced, and the Firewire gives me issues sometimes, but I'm not sure if that's a computer issue, FLStudio issue, or Firewire issue. I am looking to get a RME thunderbolt or USB card one day, but they're really expensive here in the states.

With that said, the Focusrite sounds pretty good, and with a preamp, mics and such sound great. I like the amount of inputs I have, plus the expansion via ADAT. The software for routing and different settings is great, too.

Also, to my knowledge, Firewire is getting a bit finicky on newer machines, so watch out for that.
Many thanks for the reply smile

I see, well my MAC is from 2011 I think it will be fine

About the Focusrite, I can get one 56 for 400€ and a RME F800 for 600€.
Now , is the RME 200€ best ???

I mean, RME makes rock solid shit and I would personally pick RME over Focusrite any day if I could afford it.
You list two interfaces that are both Firewire. I think that's a dangerous path. For years I was running an Apogee Duet via Firewire on my 2006 MacPro... I needed to upgrade the MacPro. The new iMac doesn't support Firewire (I know, there are workarounds). I also bought a 2012 MacMini which does have Firewire... but Apogee have dropped support for their Firewire products so the old Duet is very restricted in what it can do. Firewire is a blind alley (IMO).

That being said... both these units can be picked up for a song (at least, in the US)... so even if they only last as long as your Firewire Mac, it's probably worth it.

With any interface, forget the hype about the quality of their mic pre-amps (it's usually all marketing bs anyway)... you're coming in off the Mackie, so you've probably got perfectly serviceable Onyx pre-amps for any heavy lifting. Look at the i/o functionality and ease of use.

Yeah... and I'd choose RME over Focusrite as well smile
I've got a Motu ultralite hybride mk3 since 7/8 years now ?
It's rock solid as well, and the convertos are good enough for my use which is not far from your needs apparently. Happy with it and less pricey than RME.
Is the Motu Ultralite easy to use ??
My ultralite worked great, but it died only after a few years, but my 828Mk2 is still going strong.

I replaced the ultralite with a RME Babyface pro and got 8 channels of adat input too. Sounds great, never any issues, and the mix software is pretty nice, simple to use.

I've seen used babyface's for right around $500, I'd do that over an ultralite unless you have to have the number of i/o it has. But 12 channels in and 10 channels out (using ADAT) of the babyface is pretty nice.
Nelson1978 wrote:
Is the Motu Ultralite easy to use ??

Yes but control from the panel pot is a little pain in the ass. Most of the time though you'd want to control via software. In this regard, the CueMix FX software is good. The mixer GUI is not the best i've seen but does the job quite well. + a few welcome tools are already included like FFT spectrogram, Osciloscope, Tuner etc.

RME is certainly even more in the high-end though, for sure.
If you are in Europe check RME prices at Thomann, they are lower than in the US.

The UC is around 755 euros before VAT, 629 euros for the babyface pro.

The smallest one, Digiface USB goes for 335, it would require getting more inputs via ADAT, the Behringer 8 mic pres with ADAT unit goes around 200 euros or less I think.

I would look for a used Fireface UC because it is USB and will be easier to use down the road.
Grrr why is this so difficult to choose ??! Eheh

At this price I’ve got some good options, wanna choose the best for me
On a Mac, if you aren't golden ears it's hard not to reccomend the MOTU stuff. Certainly if you are on an older Mac with firewire it is kind of a gimme. The 828MKII can often be found used for very reasonable prices.
However if you are gonna overbridge the Elektron stuff and only be needing a handful of inputs you might be better off with something that is happy on USB. Albeit with less ins and outs.
The Antelope Discrete 4 is Thunderbolt or USB. It's 4 in, 6 out, with ADAT optical to add another 8 ins and outs. Antelope is pretty much the shit for audio quality, and you get some free plugins!
Universal Audio has the Apollo twin and the Arrow. Both are similar in terms of connectivity, but the Arrow is TB3, the Apollo Twin is TB2.

The Arturia Audiofuse is in your price range and has a pretty sweet feature set. And they look cool as shit. However they are brand new to this market segment and there are some teething problems that I've heard of.

Focusrite? I wouldn't get anything Focusrite unless I was going for their more pricey Dante/RedNet focused products.
Focusrite is basically 2 different companies. One makes great gear for a lot of money, based on the pedigree of Rupert Neve. The other makes consumer level garbage.
sutekina bipu-on
It would be nice someone that had a Motu and now upgraded to Rme , Antelope & high end stuff to comment if really the price etc is worth.

Uad stuff is also nice but for now I don’t mind to not work with their plugins emulations .
i tried the motu ultralite mk3 in december but its drivers did NOT want to work together with my motherboards usb chipset (random bluescreens) ... the "support" basicly said "lol that sucks bro, try other usb chipsets until you get lucky" so i returned it and got lucky to get an used 560€ RME Fireface UC in mint condition on ebay and those drivers are rock fucking solid. (and it was even cheaper than the new motu ;D)

+1 for an used fireface uc!!!

if its 8in8out arent enough anymore i'll just go for an mackie mixer to mix things into subgroups to be recorded or add some more preamps per ADAT.
Motu ultralite mk3 hybrid - I can get one about 300€

Rme Ucx - 850/900€

I can get these units about this price 2hand , now the thing is :

Is the RME 3 times better than the Motu ???

I’ve seen some big cats like Skinnerbox using Motu just fine with lots of hardware and playing live so it shouldn’t have big latency
Nelson1978 wrote:
It would be nice someone that had a Motu and now upgraded to Rme

I'm on a 2009ish Mbpro. Had a Motu 828mk2 die on me only 4 months into it, software basically completely f'ed up and the lights behaved like a christmas tree, customer support was terrible. Went for a RME ff400 and never looked back, it works smooth since basically 10 years.
Back then I was still on a PowerBook where fireface was no issue, when I got the MBpro somehow Apple used an inferior firewire chip and there were some issues so i had to connect via Express card which is solid as well.
Audient id22
I have a number of firewire cards around and using them has become more difficult. I bought an rme digiface USB and with adat I get to use the old ones. The stability, flexibility and really low latencies the rme offers are great.
RME - you'll never walk alone
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