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Bass truss rods
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Author Bass truss rods
There seems to be a lot of superstition and fear mongering about truss rod adjustments on guitars.

Assuming youre talking to a person who is mechanically inclined and unlikely to do anything terribly there any reason to avoid taking tension off a truss rod completely and resetting it from loose? Say you have a vintage guitar, you dont know quite how to interpret the feel of the nut (is it stiff from tension or stiff from corrosion), so youd like to back it off and then bring it back into tension to be sure you dont overtighten or find yourself relying on the truss rod for relief when what might be necessary is flattening the fingerboard or frets. Another example would be with a dual truss rod rickenbacker that has an unknown history and you want to be sure one of the rods wasn't disproportionately tightened at some point...seems the best way to get at that would be to back them both off and reset them together. I've seen a number of videos where people do just that and there doesn't seem to be any special consideration, but nonetheless I hesitate...
The Grump
The things to remember with a truss rod are to not force it, and take your time. As long as the truss nut is keeping any tension on the wood, it's best to not adjust it more than a quarter turn every 20 minutes or so to allow the wood in the neck to gradually adapt to the changes in tension and stress. Going too fast can cause the next to twist, and warp, and you don't want that.

Once the tension is off of the truss nut, you can loosen it like any other nut, and remove it if it needs replacing. Typically truss nuts are made of softer metal than the rods so that if the neck is over-tensioned and the truss nut strips, it's a far easier fix than having to replace the whole truss. If it's an allen nut, and kind of stripped out, you can usually remove it with an Easy-Out, and most decent luthiers can order you a replacement if they don't already have several on hand.

It's not voodoo, but you do have to do it gradually, both when loosening and tightening.
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