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Soundcraft EPM8 Mixer
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Author Soundcraft EPM8 Mixer
Does anyone have experience with the Soundcraft EPM8 Mixer?

I've owned Allen and Heath mixers in the past and I'm curious how the EPM8 compares.

I'm mostly interested in the fidelity.

I had an EPM8 for a few years. I had a an issue with mine with the outputs. The right channel started to have a higher output than the left. It was repairable but it cost me a little bit. As for the fidelity it was fine. The footprint isn't too large and it has a couple extra channels for the send. I sold mine opting for just recording straight to my DAW.
I found those to be the best in their price range...
Same here. I've got the EPM 6.
I got one after a lot of research and shopping and I was t disappointed. I started with a cheapie Yamaha and then jumped to a Macklemore 1640i running FireWire multitrack to an iMac. New os’s cooperated less with FireWire overtime and ended up moving to Motu 828x thunderbolt to MacBook Pro. I hate digital mixing and wanted something tactile to control levels and eq for synths and looped instruments without introducing noise or distortion before hitting the Motu AD converters.
The EPM8 was the best sounding no-frills (no digital fx) mixer I found. It’s built like a tank, heavy, but compact. Faders feel good, eq’s sound great. My only gripe is I wish (now) that it had more flexibility with AUXs or groups. But it’s small and not meant to and that’s okay.
I have an EPM8 - it was my standard mixer for live shows for a few years. Really nice EQ, I/O options are decent, good solid build, very portable.
Timely thread for me. Was just deciding tonight between the EPM6 and EPM8 after looking at other options. Rearranged a little bit and can now fit the EPM8, which is good because the Aux Sends ARE just sends. I'd overlooked that and thought they were like Effects Snd/Rtn channels. The EPM line has been around for a while and they seem workmanlike. Should pair well with my old Teac Tascam model 2A.
Why not buy a mackie. They are cheap and reliable. Of course for the color (preamps) you should not do it. The preamp is totally uncolored. But then again, colorization can be attained with outboard preamps. I like to have a neutral sounding mixer and several outboard preamps like neve, rca, gates etc. Keeps things very flexible.
^ Not sure what the OP is after in that regard. I already have a 1202VLZ for uncoloured mic preamps. I use my Tascam 2A for coloured mic preamps. The EPM8 will be for a noise station sub-mix (includes Roland 555, Discman cd player, Yamaha Reface, cassette deck, Casio SK-1, etc.) into my Speck SSM/Expander. I hate the knobs on my Mackie and want faders and a little more simplicity for a sub-mixer. 1202VLZ will only serve as a clean microphone mixer now.

Variety is the price of life.
I just got an EPM8 as an upgrade from a Soundcraft Notepad8.
I love Soundcraft mixers, they're solid and cheap and the EQ is always decent.
The EPM8 has got a shit ton of useful features: 2 Aux sends, mute, PFL and inserts on each channel (inserts can be used as individual channel outs with the right jack), master inserts, decent faders, sweepable good!
Regarding fidelity, I've only ever used Soundcraft so can't compare to anything else but I've never felt (or heard) the need to look else elsewhere.
MindMachine wrote:

Variety is the price of life.

I have the same small 1202vlzpro
It's the only mixer I use and even one of the channels is deficient since I totally fucked it up with a 1000 volt signal haha. But not even a Neve would have survived that...
Anyway, I'm working alone in my studio and although I have two 24 channel ad&da converters, it's very unlikely I use more than 12 (now 11) faders. Basically I'm only using 2 faders. So I have room still to blow up 9. Love the Mackie! nanners
Was thinking of getting one of these as well, so thanks for the comments!
Sound quality is more than good enough, I've owned an EPM8 and an EFX12, but beware of dodgy build quality. I had problems with intermittent contacts and crackly faders a few weeks after delivery, but I may have just been unlucky.
I replaced my EFX with a MIDAS DDA DM16, better build and much quieter preamps.
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