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"HEART MURMUR" - Buchla 200e album out on 10"
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Author "HEART MURMUR" - Buchla 200e album out on 10"
Hi everyone,

I am extremely happy to brag about my recently released album HEART MURMUR. It came out on Kalakuta Soul Records from Germany, is internationally distributed by Word And Sound and is available through or on iTunes (other digital stores will follow in the coming days).

Having gotten my sales pitch out of the way, let me tell you about it and first of all show you the artwork:)

In 2013 I bought a 200e system from Giorgio Sancristofero and started working with it. I soon joined a 30 piece jazz band ( but also started playing solo shows all over Germany. I learned the Buchla through intense rehearsal and through many excellent videos I found through Muffwiggler.

In November of 2016, Richard Scott invited me to play with him at Spektrum, Berlin as part of his Sound Anatomy series. Richard was kind enough to record my set in wonderful quality and since I was quite happy with it, I decided to release it.

I didn't want this to be just another digital, but wanted vinyl. My dream has always been to make a 10" vinyl, since I think it's a perfect size. The Bochum Germany based label Kalakuta Soul Records agreed to this and Guy Dermossesian who runs the label, suggested a few extra niceties to the record:

it is housed in a black printed cover. but there is an extra layer to the artwork from the transparent outer cover, together they form the entire artwork.

Superdefault, a graphics designer friend of mine from Berlin created the artwork and suggested we should add a little papercraft Buchla to the record -- so he created a card that you can cut and glue together to have a tiny Buchla in your hands -- similar to the one I used for the recording...

In the end I asked Rashad Becker (Dubplates & Mastering) to master it because I really like the sound of the Holly Herndon records he did and I don't regret it one bit.

So like descibed: it was all recorded live, in one go, I did edit some parts to get to 30 minutes (the maximum for a 10") but didn't add or overdub anything.

For track 02 on the album, I made a video:

If you are in Berlin, please save the date: March 2nd where Navs is hosting Basic Electricity #26 with Max Loderbauer and me, Kai Niggemann, both with our Buchla 200e.

I'm very open for comments and feedback, please get in touch!
Sounds really nice! Lovely approach.
thank you, maxl0rd!
applause SlayerBadger!

Beautiful work - ordered the album, can't wait!

Cheers and thank you for sharing - Adam
You had me sold with the paper-craft, but that video is great!
I love the modulated delays in that song.
Looks and sounds cool! Ordered the digital version.
Wish I could afford the shipping for the real thing,
but l can't at this time. Congratulations!!
Thank you all for your kind comments and orders, I am very humbled!

Todd: shipping is very expensive with tracking, without tracking it's only about $4. Let me know if you want to risk it (or anyone else for that matter).

(you still get a proper invoice;)
I'm totally in for the non-tracking option. Do I order from you then?
sorting this out in e-mail..wink
Ordered, of course It's peanut butter jelly time!
mestlick wrote:
You had me sold with the paper-craft, but that video is great!
I love the modulated delays in that song.

thank you!

If only I could remember how I did them. I think it was a a 259e sent to the Montreal Assembly Count to Five, but I'm not sure... With all that modulation it could also have been the Moog MF-104m delay, where the LFO is set to sample & hold but synced to tap tempo...

I have been trying to reproduce that sound, but can't get close with my live gear...wink
SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo SlayerBadger!
Finally able to watch a Vimeo video.
This morning my internet connection has a boost. Weird, but good.
Seems to happen always when it's raining. And it does not rain much here in this region, so I can't really complain.

Thanks misa for the email thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

Congratulations for the vinyl release. Always nice to see fine artwork.
Inspiring that you went to Rashad for the mastering. Great idea actually.
And thanks for sharing the video. I enjoy the mix between electronic and architecture. And of course black and white.

Aufwendig gemacht!
Super good Kai!! SlayerBadger!
Thank you Peake, Batchas and Fuzz for your support. After all this time alone with my record, it feels really great to get some feedback!;-)

(And to anyone who would like the vinyl and can do without tracking, please get in touch, I can send it as a letter for much cheaper than what I had put into bandcamp)

EDIT: post #666! :-> SlayerBadger! nanners
I really love the video too. I appreciate your commitment.
excellent work man. really diggin the overall package. will be scooping this up.
i see forced exposure will have the record stateside for us US folk.
congrats man
Thank you all *very* much!

I'm really happy and stunned by all the positive comments!
I had great fun listening to the vinyl on a decent equipment.
I love the basses on both sides!!!

Diese Bässe.... Hammer SlayerBadger!

Mastering? Rashad for sure still rules Guinness ftw!

The choice of the format btw is excellent IMHO.

I’d recommend to everybody here to listen to the vinyl version to catch the intensity such intruments are capable of (of course I don't forget the artist behind the knobs when I say that).
And as bonus you get a very nice record in your hands.

I envy the audience who was there for the live act.

BTW, listening to "Faint rumor" brought me 20 years back in Nevers at the Pac des Ouches while I was performing as Myiase. Really remarquable how it remembered me of one moment there. The power of sound...
WOW! Kai opens up whole new Buchlidian universes with this album.
Listening to the vinyl now -- excellent! richly textured, spacious and crisp and compelling.

Love the entire package too with cutout 200e, great cover art/design and a beautiful and substantial platter. Kudos! Rockin' Banana! Dead Banana
excellent work!
ordered nanners
Abosrbing work. + Richard Scott is a personal hero of mine. Waiting for payday!
Dear batchas,

Thank you very much for your colorful and full review!

I really love that extreme bass in "pretty blaze" too. It makes me smile when the studio walls are slightly trembling, but the needle stays in the groove...wink rashad really did a good job I think.

Dear Todd:
I told you already how I am incredibly grateful for your generous contributions to the Buchla community. I learned most of what I play through videos and tutorials from Muffwiggler, many of which were made by you, Todd. So if you are getting into Buchla, I can really recommend to watch and watch again. There is so much to be learned! And Todd is a great teacher!

Again: thank you all for your support. I am overwhelmed by the orders I am getting from all over the world! I will do my best to ship everything out as fast as f possible...! THANK YOU! You are really really great!!
This album is incredible. Just bought on iTunes. Come play NYC please MY ASS IS BLEEDING
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