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More TAKAAB modules I see
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Author More TAKAAB modules I see
Just a quick heads up for those who're interested, it appears that TAKAAB are branching out into new modules.

As well as their LFO 35GBP + postage

And their mixer 22GBP + postage

They've now added an exponential VCA 45GBP + postage

And a 2x buffered mult 22GBP + postage

On the back of my being happy with their LFO, I've pulled the trigger on the buffered mult, it's due to get to me around 14th February, and I'll do another upload of pics and impressions when I get it.

I wonder what's next for them?
i'd love to see something a bit cheeky, like a sequential switch, or logic or summin' like that.

Love that they are redefining 'entry' level.
Like the LFO. I only wish I knew the mA requirements for the modules
MrTurboparrot Well FWIW I sent a message through eBay asking what's next. When I hear, I'll pass it along.
Did not expect to see THAT 2180 chip on their VCA: this is hi-fi stuff right there. Alex (http://l1-su) has been using those on many of his designs. They are expensive but audio performance is second to none. Certainly not the op-amp you'd generally find on a £45 VCA! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
radiokoala I'd wondered about that, but am still wrapping my head around VCAs and the whole linear/exponential thing, so didn't know and didn't get one of those, too. Maybe I'll have to look again...
Just been swapping messages with the TAKAAB people, and their plans for the future are:

We plan to develop modules for a full basic system over the next year or more, ultimately to be marketed here in Thailand but they will be available worldwide via Ebay and the Siam Modular website. Next releases will be passive attenuator, VCO, case, power supply/boards then maybe ADSR. Probably in that order.

So that'll be more orders for me, then, probably the VCO, but maybe the ADSR, too...
happy with the 3lfo .
ordered to try the mixer and the buff multiple. but at this price its a no-brainer
mamonu wrote:
happy with the 3lfo .
ordered to try the mixer and the buff multiple. but at this price its a no-brainer

Happy with the lfo.

Awaiting the VCA.... I'll let u know!

Arrived today - no problems through customs - no surcharges for Import Duty or VAT - and arrived on schedule.

Packed excellently, once more.

Racked it, tried it, and it does exactly what it's supposed to.

That makes Takaab 2 for 2 for me.

Received my vca today.

Sounds great, really responsive.

2 audio ins, 2 cv in, 1 audio out.

A lot of fun. Well made, good value.
I got the LFO and MIX and I'm happy with both - and they're quite fun to use in conjunction with eachother for some mangled CV ! zombie
Arrived in individual packages, well protected and no customs charges.
Might pull the trigger on a few more of these budget utility items - handy to have...... although nothing listed on their ebay account today I see hmmm.....
Hi, this is my first post...I have been interested in loads of posts on here but just never got around to actually joining. Just thought I would also add to this thread to say that I have all of the modules by TAKAAB and I’m really impressed by the build quality and the design. For the price they are great! smile
took a month to come.

no import tax

works fine
For people who can't get a shipping rate over ebay to their country, just FYI I bought some TAKAAB modules off their website orack-synthesizer-module

They took a few weeks to arrive but shipment tracking was good and they arrived in the same condition as the pictures above. Good stuff.
They didn't have USA shipping listed on their site but I sent an email to them and they sorted it out very nicely. I think it was pete and or Nui that helped me
FYI, they've just released an interesting Dual LPG. orack-synthesizer-module

operator808 wrote:
FYI, they've just released an interesting Dual LPG. orack-synthesizer-module


It’s on eBay for £19.99 plus £3 gbp postage.....think I’ll have to get one at that price.
Looks like good no frills utilities at a solid price point. Going to support the Chiang Mai Bros... Love that city
And they got a new looping vc-adsr envelope now...
Not cheap anymore but interesting. Envelope-Eurorack-Module-12HP/123220338876?hash=item1cb08128bc%3Ag%3A0 DMAAOSw3qdbNmpG&_nkw=takaab&_from=R40&rt=nc
Well, the dual LPG arrived yesterday and I had a quick play with it, utterly superb module for the money, the switch to change tone is a nice feature, looks good and sounds good.
yes, got my LPG too, really great module, quite fast shipping, great packaging, sounds great, looks great smile
I'm really enjoying their 4hp VCA module. As noted earlier, it uses the 2180 chip (like the awesome Manhattan Analog VCA) and can be super clean or can be driven nicely into distortion. 2 inputs, 2 CVs each with their own attention. Great price and the folks at Takaab were quick to contact me to let me know it was on it's way with tracking. I also just got their dual passive LPG which offers a lot of sonic versatility in a passive, 3hp module.
Where is everyone ordering the LPG from?
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