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Do you use USB-MIDI2CVplus on a Mac (Logic Pro)?
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Author Do you use USB-MIDI2CVplus on a Mac (Logic Pro)?
Recently purchased a USB-MIDI2CVplus from DSP Synthesizers to send sequencer data from Numerology to the modular. Instructions say that it does not require a driver and that it works on PC or Mac. There are no status LEDs so there is no way to tell that it is connected.

Is anyone using this device connected to a Mac that could answer a few questions? We have read the manual. We have looked through muff, gearslutz, etc. We contacted the developer (who offered to send a new one) but he has not been able to provide specific answers to these questions.

1. When connected, should this device show in Audio MIDI Setup (on the Mac)?
2. When connected, will a device appear in LPX after doing a Scan for new control surfaces?
3. When connected, where in Logic will the device appear so that we can send MIDI?

We use at least a dozen different USB devices on this new Mac, latest OS, latest version of LPX. First time a device hasn't appeared in some form when connected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I don't have one of those DSP boxes, but I guess the first step (if you've not tried this) is to generate a system report on the Mac:

Plug the thing in

Go to the File Menu / Apple Logo / About The Mac

In the About window there's an option to generate a system report

In that report scroll down to USB and you should see EVERYTHING connected to the USB bus both internal and external
Thank you for the excellent suggestion, unrecordings. The device does not show in the system report so must assume it is not working/defective. We will contact the developer and return it. Thank you for the help.
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