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Should we keep making F-1 pedals?
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keep making F-1 pedal
 33%  [ 10 ]
don't care
 66%  [ 20 ]
Total Votes : 30

Author Should we keep making F-1 pedals?
theantiroman wrote:
What realm are you using to put it after effects pedals?

I'm not sure what you mean by realm.

I have a Palmer Daccapo Re-Amping Box in front of the F-1.
The F-1 is going into a High-Z input on an mixer.

Instrument >> Pedals >> Daccapo >> F-1 >> Mixer

I've more ideas I want to try out. It sounds great after overdrive, how does it sound after distortion or fuzz? I've also haven't tried a synth yet...
Mefistophelees wrote:
It is *really* picky about inputs

Here's a hack to guarantee perfect input every time: Place a Moogerfooger before the F1 in the chain. The drive on those things, especially the MF102 Ring Mod, works perfectly to properly boost the signal and drive it correctly.

Moogerfoogers are really great interfaces for other pedals. They must have a preamp in 'em (haven't looked it up) but whenever I'm having trouble with a signal I put a fooger in the signal path and it's perfect.

MF102 works great with F1, for both signal and accompaniment.
Realm the iPhone autocorrect of reamp. Thanks for the advice!

So you still get the parasitic oscillation/feedback with MF’s in front of the F1?
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