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Cable stand for banana and others
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Author Cable stand for banana and others
I got the QHL cable holder and 1483 micophone stand from

It works perfect for bananas. I had to drape my 1/8 inch cables over a section, but they go on and off easy.

I emailed them ahead and asked if bananas work with this stand and they said they didn't know. Now we do!

I use the Pittsburgh Modular Nazca Audio Noodles with my 200r stuff and they work great.

Wow! I need this in my life...does the cable holder work with any standard mic stand?

Edit: oops, just read the description, it does fit a standard 5/8" mic stand with the adapter
If people prefer to mount the hanger on a wall or some piece of furniture instead, Pomona makes a few similar things. The orange one is best for banana cables (Pomona banana cables have a 0.15" cable diameter and a 0.35" plug diameter – that's about 3.8 mm and 8.9 mm respectively).

this is helpful, thank you!!
A pic of my banana tree (have a banana republic). Used a three-arm towel rack with movable arms, added two Pomona cable holders per "leaf". Works like a charm.

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