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Mono headphones?
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Author Mono headphones?
Some rare instances occur where i don't want to power on the whole studio and just want to get the modular going for a quickie. i usually just grab a pair of headphones and monitor from a mixing module (veils or bastl ABC). obviously, this outputs audio to one side of the cans. unfortunately i don't have room for a stereo headphone module. are there any cheap mono headphones? or any quick hacks to send it to both sides?
When I'm listening to shortwave radio (mono) I use a stereo to mono jack convertor which does the trick splendidly and costs less than a pound.
i'm embarrassed i didn't think of that, thanks oops
don't forget to leave your headphones around your neck most of the time when jacking straight into your modular - the signal levels are extremely high if sent directly to headphones at high volume and can hurt your ears. Murphy's Law says eventually you will knock something over or slip or turn the wrong knob and eat some decibels, best if that happens while they are not on your head

I usually pick mine up and put them on when I need to listen carefully, then hang them on my neck again when I modify parameters
yep, here's what I use out of my Manhattan Analog Mix module.
yeah, some feedback loop goes wild or a resonant spike rattles my speakers every now and then. that's good advice.

and thanks, no way was i paying 4.29 for that adapter on amazon.
Or just get a little mixer. Many have a stereo to mono switch for the outputs. During mixing it's great to see if the stereo mix is in phase by hearing if any frequencies get dropped when summing to mono.

A little mixer will also eliminate the volume bursts mentioned earlier in this thread.
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