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Audio processing gears to open the sound
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Author Audio processing gears to open the sound
Hi guys,

I know it is a good old topic but have you some gears to advice in order to open the sound and to produce a precise and well defined sound ?

Have you some experience with audio processing gears that has changed your tracks and get them to another level ?

Thanks smile
The best way I found to "open the sound" is to get the sounds right at the source, to not use that many sounds, and to make sure the ones you use are distinct, definite and deliberate. If this requires gear, it's about getting gear you like at the source. Not adding gear at the end to sweeten things. It's a matter of taking the electronic/2-track medium for what it is. Not trying to stuff 17 instruments into two channels. There's a lot of "mix science" out there but so much of it's a correct answer to a bad question. In terms of people who have written about this recently I think Rashad Becker's perspective is best. Make sure everything is deliberate, which means "own" each sound and effect as a compositional element.
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