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Is there anything you consider "Cheating?"
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Author Is there anything you consider "Cheating?"
SynthBaron wrote:
Mellotrons are cheating.

Mellotron samples are cheating.
Dcramer wrote:

Lately I’ve been into the Ramen break....

durum n bass

... but seriously, can't believe this is still a topic for discussion.
HighLordFixer wrote:
Eye forced my GF manually learning bass so she would better comprehend programming/playing keyboards better... and boy did she hate me for that:P now all eye have to intone are the magic words "twinkle twinkle little star" and she gets this psychotic insane look... yet her overall timing on keyboards & programming ability is WAY better now post learning playing traditional bass...

When I was first starting out in music at 6 years old, I wanted to play an instrument like I saw the orchestra and jazz and church musicians play. My parents decided I would learn the piano first. I did not want to learn the piano, I wanted to learn something else (didn't quite know what yet). But they insisted on piano first, because the piano is the best instrument to learn music fundamentals and theory on. They were right. And when I finally did pick up the instrument I really wanted, alto saxophone, it was a lot easier to learn, as I already had a good grasp of the fundamentals.

I only wish I had stuck with the saxophone. I was never good at it, and never would have been better than mediocre (I have a neurological dysfunction that messes with my proprioception and fine motor skills), but I think I would have enjoyed playing it more had I forced myself past the frustration of it. Or I may have hated it more, who knows. Now I'm considering trying to buy one and sort of start over with it, but scraping up the funding is a huge challenge. At least with modular I can buy bits of it at a time, and not have drop a huge chunk of change up front on something I'm not entirely sure I'll really be able to get into.
cptnal wrote:
SynthBaron wrote:
Mellotrons are cheating.

Mellotron samples are cheating.
When I play my Mellotron Micro, I feel like I'm cheating on my Mellotron Rack that is in the other room. hihi
Here's my magnum opus of cheating: Hills of Manna

No original sonic content.
I see music as a powerful way to connect with others. Maybe the question one should ask is "Am I connecting?" rather than "Am I cheating?"

Cheating? Play, or play not. There is no cheat.

But I used to ask my students-- would you prefer to send checks to Harry Fox for the samples in your music, or would you rather Harry Fox send you checks because everyone is sampling your stuff?

And getting away with samples means no one is listening to your music.
using other peoples music in your own. sampling complete beats/riffs. and often not giving credt. that's a no-go for me. but in this world of lies and theft prob acceptable for many ...
I've always been very open minded about what I consider legit in music production (live performances are a bit more complicated to me so just talking about recording here). I'm a big fan of 90's style boom bap hip hop and all the shameless sampling that goes along with it. So had I replied a month or so back I would have said anything goes up to pulling someone else's song off the internet and putting your name on it.

But I recently bought a new MPC Live. I started writing and recording music in the 90s with an MPC2k. It came with three floppy disks each with a basic drum kit on it. It was up to you to source your own samples. The MPC Live comes packed to the gills with GBs of basically prerecorded loops that are grouped together to I guess make your "own" tracks. seriously, i just don't get it

I spent hours scrolling through EMD trance anthems separated out in loops, trying to find the single hits and usable synth stabs. I think I got about a third of the way through the libraries before I decided that I had enough drum samples to work with and I'd just keep using my modular for anything else. I now have a new appreciation for how much one can cheat in 2018. I can only imagine how many versions of those crappy pre-made EDM tracks out there with slightly different arrangements.
well, to me that's like 'painting by numbers'. for me making my own samples is a big part of the fun and creative process. can't imagine using someone else 's samples really. but then i'm deeply into original music. i don't want my stuff to sound like anybody else. (except maybe for stockhausen. but that is not so much in the sound as in the playing/komposition). i'm nobody's fanboy ....
and esp commercial electronic music is so dumb. completely uninteresing afaik.
and as far as drumsamples is concerned, i'm more interested in the part/rhythm than the sounds. i've got an arturia drumstep (with great randomization) and a separate rack with modules just for drums. also an alesis D4. mixed in softly that sounds more like crosstalk and gives the whole thing a bit of a live atmosphere. very happy with those.
On a practical level I echo some of the previous sentiments. If I take someone else’s work and pass it off as my own it’s cheating. I love that Polynomial C sequence. If I play that sequence through one of my synths and tell someone I wrote it, I’m cheating. If I do the same and give proper credit it’s not cheating.

On a personal level, cheating is anything that deprives me of the best experience, enlightenment, growth, enjoyment, expression, satisfaction, and multitude of other benefits I can achieve from my hobby.

For example, I love huge reverb drenched washes of sound. When I first heard (and still hear) Clouds I thought man, I want to make those sounds. I got a Clouds. I don’t care how many other people have them, or sound similar. I don’t make music for them or for the people who worry about that sort of thing. Same goes for the big reverbs, and Rings, and whatever else. I'd be cheating myself if I didn't pursue what I want to pursue.

I love a lot of the potential my computer offers. I have Reaktor, Max 7, Ableton 10 Suite and a Push 2. I’ve got my modest hardware setup on one side of the room and my computer and Push on my desk, on the other side of the room. I got caught up in the all hardware thing from watching YouTube videos and wanted to have a separate, hardware only setup.

In doing so I’ve realized that I got the most enjoyment and was most creative when my setup was hybrid, so I’m going to explore a new setup with my computer, my Push and my modular. I’d be cheating myself if I stubbornly held on to the all hardware paradigm (which I’ve done for a while) after realizing it’s not really what I want.

Finally, and a really big one for me, is presets and samples. I realized they aren’t for me, not because I worry about how original they make me or whatever, but because I get completely overwhelmed by too many choices. I’ve known this for a while but my modular really crystallized this concept for me.

Nothing kills my creativity like sorting through a mountain of presets. My new setup is going to be based around a laptop with Ableton 10 Suite, my Push 2, and my modular. I’m going to delete the presets from all the instruments and most of the effects, start with no samples and build up my own library because I think this is what is going to bring me the most satisfaction and I’d be cheating myself by not giving it a shot.

My music and creations are about me, so ultimately the only way I can cheat is to cheat myself of the best experience I can have.
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