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Tempo-synced stuttering in sampling/granular?
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Author Tempo-synced stuttering in sampling/granular?
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Any tips for this? I own Clouds (and dunno how to do it) and am planning to get Morphagene.

Of course I can simply retrig the samples in different divisions, but I want to scan/sweep through the sample.

I'm thinking mostly about eurorack here, but wider scope of hardware/software/guitar fx is welcome.
Kaos Pad 3 is good for that stuff. More suited to doing it on a live input, but it ran sample the live input and do it on a loop of that.
With Clouds you can send s tempo synced pulse to the Trigger input to trigger grains in sync (set the density to 12 o'clock) but it may not come out the way you would expect. I think the Kammerl firmware for clouds is better suited to that kind of thing.

With Morphagene, I think you just send a clock to the clock input. I haven't spent much time with that though, so I don't remember if it affects the gene size.

The ER-301 can probably do what you are describinfg to or that up coming Mordax granular sampler.
widdly wrote:
Kaos Pad 3 is good for that stuff.

Or this! The KP3+ in particular has some nice granular patches but they aren't very flexible. I think in the Shuttle Looper you can control position and size but not pitch. In the Rewind Looper, you can control pitch and size but not position. I can't remember if those names are right. lol
Homepage Englisch
I know Clouds' Trigger input. But what I'm looking for is "grain size" knob that is not smoothly changing values while being dialed (say 10 to 1000 ms) but rather quantized/tempo synced: turning the knob will jump between rhytmically related values (say 125ms, 250, 500, 1000). I'm unsure how to achieve this.
Check out Cliffemu's great demo of the MI Clouds kammerl firmware:
ladik burst.
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