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Division 6 mini sequencer
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Author Division 6 mini sequencer
I didn't see any threads about these. Only available as a kit, but the build process is very easy, and they are available on Reverb already built. I picked mine up built for $150. I'm going to build the next one.

Bone simple, but very cool given its $90 price tag. Lots of options to add motion to a patch. I found myself having a lot of fun with it. Stop one seq, pop in some new notes, press run, fiddle with clock speeds. A simple, cheap, fun building block.

It is a very fun little sequencer. Quite limited, but useful for a lot of things anyway. And stupid cheap. And perhaps the best bang for the buck blinkenlightwise!
Is yours some kind of linear? My pair has both some big deviations in linearity over 2 Octaves... 4 Octaves are unusable without quantizer...
I have not measured tracking. Not really using it to create major key melodies, so it doesn't matter for me. I would not be surprised if was off.

Have you tried calibrating it?
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