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What do you think is the best travel eurorack case around?
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Author What do you think is the best travel eurorack case around?
Particularly for checked baggage on airlines? I know there are differences between the US and the rest of the world, but I just want to find the right case to get started.

I've scoured this site and the internet, I just wanted pointed in the right direction with some of your own experiences.

I really like the new Makenoise case, but the power supply strength is what bothers me about it.

Second I guess would be the newer TipTop one.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think.
You'd probably get better answers if you posted in the actual euro subforum.

There are cases specifically sized for carry-on. I don't know what they are, but they exist.
I've heard good things about the Intellijel cases from euro travellers, they also have custom bags to fit them.
I've just taken an Elite Modular E416 12U case on a transatlantic trip, carried it on the plane and it fit in the overhead bin just fine. I've also previously done the same with a Tiptop Audio Station 252, carried in a camcorder bag. I'd never consider checking in an instrument like this as baggage.
I can highly recommend Submodularsystems. Buy it without power and drop in an Intellijel TPS80W.
(Edit: Sorry, missed the “checked baggage” part of your request. That’s made for the cabin bin. I agree with s.l.o.w. here.)
MDR case is great. Its carryon size, so far fits perfects for me in Europe airlines.

if you plan to check it in, as in it goes with the rest of the luggages under, i recommend a pelican case to protect whatever case you use, there are different sizes for your needs...

if you plan to have a carry on, its a tricky territory... it depends on many things, the airline regulations, the person at the check in counter, the flight attendants and so on... you might be lucky some dont mind the weight or the size, or let you by, or treat it as a musical instrument that you have to have it with you or complete opposite of the mentioned things before...

usually a 6U 104hp is easy to take it on planes, or the 7U from intellijel as you can see above... however when you have the 12U/104hp it becomes quite difficult, i have the one from MDLRcases and i am sure it would be a problem since its quite heavy, and the size is right around the limit, and i dont want to risk it to carry it until the gate and the attendant there tells me that it needs to be checked in... so i check it in with my pelican case.
however there are cases from amalgamod, which are lighter and thinner since he uses aluminum i believe, and i think those are carry on friendly, but since i dont own any of those i cant promise anything. but he is on the forum and also planning some new designs as well...

Guinness ftw!
Elite Modular is the only guy I've seen touting his stuff as carry-on friendly and he's in the EU but I'm more apt to be going with one of the Intellijel cases with the padded bag as it'll save me a good 300 or so dollars and give me that 1u space to fill as well. Been using an Intellijel TPS30 power supply and have been very happy with it's performance. Looking forward to the TPS80 that's in the 7u.
Thanks everyone. Never got any notifications on this thread. Appreciated.
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