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Jóhann Jóhannsson has passed away at age 48
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Author Jóhann Jóhannsson has passed away at age 48
JohnLRice nated-composer-johann-johannsson-dies-at-age-48

Terrible news at such a young age! I had only recently gotten into his music last year but I really loved what he did and was looking forward to hearing more. waah

Into the Void
Felt ill when I heard the news. I don't use the term genius lightly but he was one. The score to Sicaro was absolutely fucking phenomenal. Very, very sad that we won't have 30 more years of his music.

That third link is especially fantastic.
Tragic news. I was always very excited to hear what he brought to the films he scored. Always an original spin on things. Need to hear his concert works.
Know very little of his work - the performance posted here, on the Seattle radio station, is superb!

From the little I've heard somewhat similar to the minimalism of Arvo Part.

Excellent music! Very unfortunate loss.
Hear IBM 1401. It’s very interesting. He built it on recordings his dad made of the first IBM mainframes.
FrogStar wrote:
Hear IBM 1401. It’s very interesting. He built it on recordings his dad made of the first IBM mainframes.

Will give it a spin - thanks for the suggestion!
Into the Void
This too!:
So gutted by this news and truly saddened. I was looking forward to seeing him perform in December at the Barbican.
Very sad news! Great artist.
Now I an even more bummed that he didn‘t do the new Blade Runner.
Can’t believe it to be honest. Very sad indeed. Amazing composer.
A terrible loss to the music world. Such a prolific composer, i look forward to hearing "Mary Magdalene", "Mandy" and his directorial debut (with his score).
Oh man. This is terrible news. My favorite film composer. Sicario and Arrival are 2 of my favorite scores. Both absolutely amazing.
on man, hadn't heard... was just listening to a couple of his recordings yesterday...
Very sad indeed. One of my favourite modern classic composers. I saw him live in December 2016 in my hometown. Very impressive.

I think his last album Orphée is one of his best. I've just received the recently released Englaborn vinyl edition. The extra disc is a very nice addition.

Love Odi et Amo:
i was fortunate to see him live a couple of times. great gigs.
a fellow satie fan, which i think is why i liked his music.
so sad. love him
Torn n Frayed
We never heard a COD on this...
subbasshead -musik-guru-johannsson-aufgeklaert
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